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The sun sets on another day...

As the sun set a sailboat sat in calm water, watching, waiting for another moment to ride the wind the evening sky was inviting and full of the promise of a new adventure, only an instant away.

Today's title will seem perfectly natural if you have ever met me. You see, I believe every day is a potential pivot point that leads to new possibilities. There are thousands of permutations each day that could lead to new life, new adventure, and more. All it takes is a quick second to see where you are going and you are off, another decision means another pivot point in your life.

I have mentioned pivot points a lot in the years. They come up because they are important and of the 1100+ posts I have written there are 5 pivot point posts before today. They are:

Each of these previous posts put some of the questions about pivot points together, but they are part of a much bigger picture. That picture has you in it. Each of your days has pivot points as well, and mine, and his, and hers, and theirs and it goes on and on to a maddening lack of conclusion. For example, I wash my hair each day because of a person in my past who said something about my clean, but unkempt hair. It changed me internally and I did so each day, but perhaps it would have been anyway based on another pivot point, or perhaps not. The "what if" game really doesn't work very well when things are so complex.

So what, right?

What does this have to do with sunsets anyway?

Well, obviously nothing. Or maybe everything.

Tonight as I took pictures from at the end of a calm afternoon, I spoke to a few people on the beach. They spoke of the waves the previous day (Yes, that post is here) and we discussed a lot about how the weather changes so quickly, and about how big the waves get. As we did so, they asked and I of course volunteered 29000sunsets to see the picture. After I left I have no idea what happened but I changed the course of events just by being there. They may go to the site and be one of a lot of people, or they may not. They may realize that beach has the most amazing view, as we discussed, or they may not, but the effect I ad on it all is long reaching, and of course, when I was told one of them had visited all the lighthouses in Michigan, I have a few left and may be energized to go see them. 

Of more interest is the help we give random people. Say you are a teacher, or a coach, or a director, or something in the schools. You touch the lives of many children, how have you created pivot points for each? Are they positive where the now adults come to you and thank you, or negative in some way? Do they remember you with the fondness in their minds that you deserve? Again, an unknown, but something pretty interesting to consider.

Imagine for a moment Sir Nicholas Winton. He saved children during the Holocaust, and how many differences did he make. What did he do for people. you can see the 60 minutes story here.

So, this is a rather long winded post, and in it I want to iterate and reiterate that anyone has an opportunity to be a positive pivot point, do it. If you want to be a negative pivot point, don't. Be a positive pivot point that shows a new way for even one person in a positive manner. Be that woman who adopts two lonely children and treats them as her own, alone; be that man who rushes into a fire to save someone or the family dog; be that woman who keeps volunteering at school even after her children are grown; serve soup; hand a sandwich to someone hungry; tell a bad joke when someone is down, and be a positive role model for everyone, including yourself. Be that positive pivot point with everyone, no matter what.

Wow, what a blow hard.

So as the sun sets on another day, perhaps I have wasted your time. Perhaps I am just posting to post, or talking out of talking, but maybe I am trying to be a positive pivot point as well, to anyone who reads, and maybe to myself. If each day is an adventure, have that adventure, show yourself a new positive way, and if you can, take someone with you. (Why not?)

Sleep sweet, love life, and pivot away...


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The sun sets on another day...

It was a long day with many events, the wind blew fiercely and trees bent in the resulting howl. As I reached the beach with the sun lost in the far off clouds the waves pounded the shores, and the sand swirls and rasped against the landscape.

You know, up until here I really enjoyed storms and wind and the sheer fury of nature. In the last few days the new solution has been tested by nature, and I honestly think I can enjoy storms again. Where I am though, the fury of the sand can be a little more painful. The rain can pound down on us and it stings a little, the thunder can make you jump, the lightning blind and the wind tear at you, but the swirling sand seems to grind you away a little at a time. Being at a beach in the high winds can be taxing, and in the end (exaggeration here) can strip you to the very soul. (Or sole if you don't have shoes on) It is time to sit in the car, or sit in a tank(better idea), and ride out the storm.

When we are dealing with other people we sometimes forget the power of our words. We can be a storm as much as anyone else. Our words can sting like a million grains of sand, and slowly wear down someone else. We need to be cautious in our storms of anger, fear, or despair, and try to remember that every unkind word is like a grain of sand in a storm. Even simple things can hurt for a long time and wear us down or wear another down, so the solution, is not to create the sand. I saw on the news this morning a group of people behind the news desk touting signs saying, "Be Nice" and I smiled. Being nice should be everyone's goal in life, being nice should be a means to an end, or a means to a means at least. It doesn't take much to be nice, but it "keeps the sand away". 

Today as tempers flared, I stayed calm in the center, and was nice to everyone. This is the way it should be. A simple statement at the center of our minds should be, "If you cannot say something nice, be patient". This does not mean taking it all the time, it means being nice, being patient and trying to be kind.

I know, it is hard. sometimes your back may be against the wall, people may say unkind things about you, or worse, but try to rise above. Try to be that person that does not spray the swirling sand.

So as the sun sets on another day, wow. There is a lot of sand. Try to be that person that is calm at the eye of the storm. Don't let the sand tear you down, and don't spread the sand either, because that can lead to a sand fight. Icky. Instead, wait for a clear day, and maybe fly a kite. Enjoy the blue skies, the swift surf, and mostly, enjoy life, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, be kind, and love to the moon and back, and the stars beyond...


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The sun sets on another day...

I wrote similar here once.

I get a kick out of the cycles of life. What goes up, must come down, and proud many keeps on burning while the big wheel is turning. It is a huge cycle. Round and round and up and down and at some point it feels like a roller coaster with no station. 

Maybe the roller coaster is the best way to go, right? Maybe the easy way, where we do nothing and live safely on a merry go round just doesn't get us where we want to go, and the roller coaster, no matter how rough, takes us further.

Yeah yeah, all these metaphors. What a waste, so how about this, tonight. Life is full of ups and downs, but wouldn't you rather know the ups and feel the highs and not worry so much about the lows rather than missing the whole thing? Funny thing, as I was reading this, I thought maybe life is also full of ups and clowns, but that is not what I wanted to say.

There is an obvious parachute in the ups and downs. If you have a good friend, or two or three, they can keep the downs from being as bad, and maybe help the ups be bigger ups. It makes the world a better place if we share a few moments and help each other when the downs are down on us, and the ups don't come quick enough we get a boost. 

So as the sun sets on another day, take a moment and realize, life is a wonderful cycle and even on the worst day, we can pull ourselves up. Find a way, make those highs higher, and pull out of the lows, and maybe instead of a roller coaster we can have a rocket to the moon and back, and the stars beyond.

Sleep sweet, have a little fun, and love no matter what...



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The sun sets on another day...

As the storms roll in the sun is beaten but stands above, lighting a path into the night and beyond.

Funny isn't it. (I should have kept this picture for a post on "The Web we Weave" or similar)

The storms roll in, and it can be the worst thing in the world, or you can look at it as we needed the rain. The lightning flashes. It is either terrifying, or very pretty. The rain wells up beneath us, things are destroyed, or at least we lived to fight another day. I lost something. I either lost it or opened the door to something new, or perhaps I never had it. So it goes, all in how you look at it.

We are such unique creatures. We see things based on a multitude of perspectives built on our perceptions and life experience but somewhere inside people see things as positive, or negative. Those who are positive find a good thing in nearly everything. Those who are negative blame the world for all the woes they have.

At what price?

the price of being positive is putting yourself out where you may well be hurt. The price of being negative is blaming the world for things you may well be responsible for and in the process, avoiding life itself.


It could be a tough choice, but maybe not. Maybe we need to find a pathway to the high road so we can live life. Maybe we need to realize that the world is a better place when we live in it, not when we avoid it.

I had a choice years ago. It was a tough choice. I could either be miserable every day of my life living in a self imposed prison, or I could move on to take a chance at having nothing or finding everything. I decided the latter. It was not because it was the best decision in the world, it just seemed the more positive one in at least a few ways. Do you face similar? If you do remember it is your choice, no one else's, on how to proceed. Your choice in how you want to build your life.

So as the sun sets on another day, the glass is always full. Sorry, if not water of juice or whiskey, it still is full of air, and you just have to take a moment and see it that way. Find your path, make it your path. Blame no one, count on no one but yourself and make it your path. In the end, it will be a path that works for you, but remember, the glass is still full. Be happy with whatever happens and live your life to its fullest, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and have fun....