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The sun sets on another day...

The rain continues to fall, but the grey became dark as the sun set high in the clouds. There is much to be considered, and beauty everywhere if we look for it, but sometimes we have to press, and press hard to find it.

I look each day for the best in whatever I come upon, today was easy, there was rain, but a simple grace to the world. Each moment more than just a drop of rain, but a dream being laid upon the grass of life. Yes, It sounds good, and to me it is good but can we all just press through?

I am sitting on the outside hoping we can.

So as the sun sets on another day, which way did it go? It is up there somewhere, and sometimes you just have to know that something, someone, etc etc, is out there and watching over to really make the day take that better turn. Each day can be the best in the world as long as we let it, and each person has the ability to press on, no matter what.

sleep sweet, keep pushing and press on...