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The sun sets on another day...

Look, on the horizon, it's a bird, it's a plain, it's a super sunset coming out of the clouds! Tonight's sunset was accentuated by a stack of just about everything and looked pretty terrific.

As I looked at the sky tonight I thought a lot about tears, and how great it would be to be able to reverse the tears for so many people. No, not "make them happy or happier" but reverse the bad things so they did not feel. As I thought about it, I once again remembered that it is not just the good times that make us who we are, but all the bad. Those tears help us build memories that help us appreciate the good things, and reversing those tears might not let us appreciate all the good things in our lives.

I know, I know. Sometimes it is really crappy to deal with all of the things we have going on around us. I know sometimes tears are all we seem to have, but think about it. How can we appreciate how good things are if we have not see how bad they can be? Let's embrace a few tears so we can lift ourselves higher the next time. Then let's fine a few minuets, and enjoy the rest of the day. 

So as the sun sets on another day, take all that life gives you, and learn from it. Take all the falls, the bad moments and turn them around, because life isn't just about getting by, its about making a difference, mostly to yourself. Don't let tears slow you down, instead wipe them away, stand up, and do more, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and live the moment...