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The sun sets on another day...

We are all familiar with the two roads that we may take in life, because of course they diverged in the woods. (If two roads diverged you take the one less traveled, right?) It is also true that sometimes we have a few more roads than we do sense. How often do we go through so many paths and outcomes that we lose the truth in the process? How many times do thought and "the right thing" win over passion and "the right thing". (Ya like what I did there I bet?)

If we consider all the time we have used so far, and all the time we have in our future, lets say we only have 29,000 sunsets, shouldn't the path be more evident? We can only hope the theory of a multiverse has some truth so that someone out there tried all those paths we forgot, even the plain stupid ones, that just might have led to a happy ending. Why over think? Why not look at a situation, make a decision, and move on instead of ending up in a mental stress home trying to "figure it out"

So as the sun sets on another day, trust your faith, (Real faith, not the faith that is beat into you), trust in love, (Real love, not the love that is beat into you) and trust in yourself (Not the you that you beat up all the time) and find a way towards happiness, passion and success. Don't just think it, make it happen!

Sleep sweet, love life, believe in yourself, and believe in the love that goes to the moon and back, and the stars beyond...