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The sun sets on another day...

Rushing to sunset was OK and as I pulled off the road to a stop I was rewarded with a beautiful view. 

We often forget how easy being happy is. Not always, but often. We see the world and all the negatives but forget it is our choice to let them drown us, or to embrace the easy path, just being happy. As kids we are told all the time about how it takes more muscles to frown than to smile, but the real tell is it takes more of a toll on us to be unhappy than to be happy. Consider all the things you do to yourself when you are unhappy, then consider a single laugh, a smile, or more and how it makes your day seem so much better.

Maybe we need to take a moment and double up. When something is less than perfect and you want to make it better, maybe it is time to do something drastic. Maybe ice cream, a chocolate treat, a walk on the beach, or something that really just makes your day better. It is there waiting, where are you?

So as the sun sets on another day, it was a good day. There is so much to consider all the time. The days are good, better and more, and if you take a moment, realize that each day is a gift, and each moment a way towards happiness. Enjoy it, laugh with it, smile with it, and make today a happy one, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and enjoy your day...