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The sun sets on another day...

Sunset was beautiful, amazing, awesome and a little more. Still, I spent the time not with my camera, but instead playing a card game with my children. There can be no greater fun than sharing wit them.

Today I was given the opportunity to play emcee for Karaoke with a number of people. It was a good time but also a great time to enjoy people. I was most impressed with the number of people whose confidence grew when others either were better, or not so good, and of course how people just loved to interact. Perhaps it was a need to be a part, but it could also be the song that fills a persons heart when they are listening, and more to the point, singing.

Singing is at the heart of a lot of who we are, singing can make us better people, but it relays a deep piece of who we are when we get lost in a melody, even when we are not the best singers. I wrote about my Grandfather here. I will remember until I reach my last sunset that he sang not for anyone but himself, and that in spite of how he sounded, he was powerful in his message: that he believed in his song, and the meaning behind it. Today I smiled as many talented people did the same, laughed, giggled, and lost themselves in a myriad of songs that could only be described as awesome. For anyone that was there reading, thank you for sharing!

So as the sun sets on another day, good, bad, quit, loud, sing your song and make it the best you can. You can make a difference every day, even if it is in the shower singing to yourself. Make music apart of your life if you can. Perhaps you think you can't carry a tune, but maybe, just maybe, the tune can carry you, and make your day the day it should be!

Sleep sweet, love life, and wow...