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The sun sets on another day... 

Well not really. The moon sets on another day as well. This morning as I drove before many people were awake and before the sun had risen in the jet black sky I watched an orange moon the West. The hews across this amazing sight were nearly indescribable and it's beauty radiated in the dark morning sky. 

I have found the most amazing Beauty can sometimes be located in unassuming places. It is there that you find those things we're not looking for or seeing. It is under a rock did you find lichen that shimmers. It is when you're not looking did you find someone special. It is in the morning sky that you will find a n orange moon setting in the west.

That is not to say there is not beauty all around us every moment of the day but it is to say it's sometimes we miss things right before our eyes. It is to say we really need to pay attention.

So as the sun sets on another day, open your eyes, look out at the sky in the morning, look around you when others don't, and in the process see a little more than everyone else sees. Maybe it's time. All you can do expect miracles excitement maybe a little more and somewhere along the way, find them. 

Sleep sweet, love life and love life some more...