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The sun sets on another day...

Time flies like an eagle, the sunset is as elusive as one.

It is another Saturday but I have been partially focused on completing Adam, and today I wrote over 13,000 words to that end. I broke 50k for Nanowrimo easily and now I am churning towards the end for a new series and a slightly different audience. Having goals gives us focus, and reaching goals, well it is pretty awesome. 

I hope you can take a moment and set a few goals as well. Goals don't have top be big, in fact it is better if they are not. Goals have to be attainable, and as you set a few realize that reaching your goal will be a major thing to you. Consider what you can, and make it real.

So as the sun sets on another day, this post is short so I can keep working on my goal, and pushing towards a conclusion. Push and remove your obstacles making your day and achievement, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, work well, and make sure you have a little fun too...