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The sun sets on another day...

Sunset jumped out for a moment and then disappeared again behind thick clouds. Still the few moments of bright sunlight were exhilarating and each day is a gift.

I often wonder if life isn't just a series of dogs. Animals can make our life more complete or add different stresses and strains, but we didn't expect. In my case I have had a significant number of wonderful animals in my life and they have given me more insight into the good things in life and life itself. I can think of no better life then a life where unconditional love is prevalent. Pets may not be the answer, but they may be as well.

Do you have an animal in your life that makes the day better? Do you miss that animal in your life it may no longer be there? I find that often this is a good question.

So as the sun sets on another day take a moment and appreciate the little slices of time with a pet . And if you don't have a pet just enjoy the time where someone gives you and unconditional love and a bit of acceptance. Life is better because of it and you are better as well.

Sleep sweet, love always, and love a little more...