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The sun sets on another day...

Tonight's sunset was less than perfect for the naked eye. I knew, however, the sunset above was amazing as always if not more so. I knew that the sunset always closes the day on a near perfect note.

I sat for a little while today and just thought about the last 40 days or so. A lot has happened, and many people would look at it as a horrible series of events. As I sat considering it I decided it was a horrible series of events and there are still some to come but still overall it has been a series of positives as well.

Instead of whining I just decided to sigh, take a moment, and enjoy what I could. Sure, there are some things that are bad. Sure, there are some things that are devastating. Still tomorrow is another day and today I have the opportunity to make things right. Today I will do all I can to have a good day and in the end I may just have to sigh once or twice but laugh and smile a lot more.

So as the sun sets on another day, let's stop for a moment and be thankful that we can sigh. Let's stop for a moment and realized the world is what we make of it. Make it a good day, no matter what.

Sleep sweet , love life, and it's OK to sigh...