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The sun sets on another day...

When I was young I had no real home for more than a year, no friends for more than a few months until I was 15, and experienced many things that would make most people cringe, so it is hard to think I experienced paradise ever, let alone in the bleak world I navigated in my very early years. I did find a way though through the countryside in middle Michigan (USA). My grandparent home was large and a breeze blew across it nearly all the time, and after a day of hard work or hard play, while the sun was getting ready to set, I would often lay next to a window, or even outside, close my eyes, and let the breeze dance across me, and as it did I would float away for just a moment to a restful nap, or short sleep. In those moment I could feel the breeze and the sun, and the changing from day to twilight and I would dream a thousand dreams in a few moments, giving me pause, peace, passion and paradise.

Today I stopped for a moment after walking at a market, looked out at the lake, and laid down in my three seasons room for a moment. It was not long, less than 15 minutes, but as I lay there with the breeze coming in from the lake, and the clouds wavering the sun at me I was there again, a young man enjoying a moment, leaving behind the pain and challenges of my youth, and now leaving the stress and strain that I still face from time to time and being lost in the gentle breeze, the comforting sun, and feeling the lake beckoning me towards the dreams I once had. In those few moments the dreams were set free again, and hundreds more poured out in the few minutes I was grasped by Somnambulis and there too was the peace I felt then, again here with me now. I feel this as often as I can to give me pause, and show me that peace is always an option, no matter what.

So as the sun sets on another day I only ask, take the moment and relax and find your center, that place that takes you away for a moment and shows you the world you should see, gives you the passionate views you need, and opens you to peace in a world that seems to have lost it.

Sleep sweet, dream good dreams, and love the night away...