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The sun sets on another day...

As the sun set this evening there were many people walking by. Some were watching the colors slowly fade into the water as the sun set. Some where focused on themselves, and others were focused on those around them. Many would say "hi" as they passed, some with true meaning, some with positive indifference, and some with just indifference.

It is always eye opening to me to see how people interact and to consider the motivations they have inside. I always try to consider for a moment the stories they see, the stories the are, and the stories they become.

Years and years ago there was a movie called "Brainstorm" that presented peoples memories (and even their entire being) as memories within memories, and motivations that were born of previous actions and interactions. The anger being felt not being felt for the situation, but for a previous situation that reminds us of a deeper memory that was less than pleasing. The elation in a similar manner was exciting and new but grew based on the depths of positive experiences in a persons past. Sometimes we can a moment and cannot put our finger on why, I usually find a reason if I think about it, but sometimes it is better not to think about it and just enjoy it. (I wrote about one such item here.) The world is not like a movie, but it is an adventure daily that we can enjoy!

The trick is, in my opinion, in having more positive memories to hold on to than negative memories. I hear all the time about peoples bad childhoods, but those bad childhoods made them good people. Let go. Lots of people talk about the bad situations over the good when there are just as many good things to consider daily. I know the world will never be a place that is always good, but it is important to remember it will never be a place that is all bad either. Maybe, just maybe we should consider talking about the good things in our lives when we talk to people, and considering why we react the way we do when we think otherwise. After all, we have a story, but it may be based on a  a story, which could be based on another story, which has the truth buried within. Make sure that truth is a truth and not a supposition. 

Sorry if this is a ramble, but one of the people walking by tonight was lost in a bad place, and it pointed out this whole line of thinking as he walked by in a huff, angry at the world with no reason to be. 

So as the sun sets on another day, lets make good memories together, and find the positive sin our life daily to make better choices, better decisions, and to make the world a better place, no matter what...

Sleep sweet, love life, and make every day the best day it can be...