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The sun sets on another day...

Yesterday as I watched the sun set (It is storming tonight) I looked slightly to the north and saw 5 clouds. As I looked at how they were lined up I laughed at their semblance to a translation table. Each cloud seemed to have a subtitle that was trying to sat something to the world. The first cloud had a jumping cat under it with its tail trailing in the jump. The second cloud was a swan, with some of it submerged, and the long neck extending out of the water then down again. In the third cloud a prancing porcupine was seen. The fourth a pair of thin rabbit were below and the last cloud was accented by a large raccoon.

I laughed at the clouds with a friend and moments later they were gone, whisked away by the wind, never to be seen again. The positive is of course that I saw them, and so did others and we will remember them (or at least I will) and I enjoyed the moments where my overactive imagination took me away for a moment and made a reality that was super to me.

Sometimes in life we are presenting with brief glimpses and opportunities to see something more, and it is up to us to grasp on to those opportunities and hold onto the moments for as ling as we can, and if necessary hold on to the memories as the situations are whisked away as easy as the clouds were in my sky. If we are lucky, and I know we all can be, we take with us the positive memories, and enjoy the moments we have for every instant we can squeeze out of them, no matter what.

So as the sun sets on another day, if you are presented with something that you know you should see, enjoy it for every second, and in the end you will have made a new memory, and perhaps found a way to personal growth. At minimum, you will have a few minutes to tell a cool story about a few clouds grazing across the skies.

Sleep sweet, love life, and imagine the world as it should be, then make it happen...