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The sun sets on another day...

I suppose if we use age as a guide the sun would be the wisest thing in our solar system.  It has been here since the darkness left and its light began to shine. If we used time, the sun wins because it is always there, always shining, no "sleep" "rest" or anything similar. The sun exists, and though to us the sun sets, it never sets on our planet.

For people wisdom is not age, nor time, but experience. As we experience more and more we understand more and more, not from TV, or social media, but from actual real life experience. When people experience, they set aside fear,and rather than feeling anxiety they find a way and then they just know. After all, the wise old man or woman didn't get that way by sitting in a char for all their life, they did so by challenging themselves in new and exciting ways!

I knew a friend once that seemingly was afraid of everything, and though they showed some insight, their depth of experience was minimal. They hid from life, and watched it go by, never engaging to the level they could in favor of something much less. 

At the same time I know a friend now that has "been there, done that" and though we disagree sometimes, they have wisdom that I can always respect them, even if it does not always match mine.

So as the sun sets on another day, why not grab onto life, experience everything, find your way not around a problem but through a problem, and in the process spend your time wisely. Along the way, embrace everything, enjoy all you can, and be happy every moment of every day, no mater what...

Sleep sweet, dance a lot, and laugh like you own the world...