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The sun sets on another day...

I would say close your eyes, but then you would not be able to read. So just imagine for a moment, the sun rises and sets, but what changes have we undergone since the dawn of the first sunrise, until today. Consider the moments that have passed. As the sun rose and the sun set life came and left this world (well, some of it), land masses changed, people grew old, and a thousand thousand events happened that seemed so important at the time and now are just memories. What is a day in the life of the sun, what is our lifetime compared to the life of a rock. It is all relative. Change is inevitable as we progress through this thing called life, and we accept change even if we don't accept it as we really have little or no effect on change as it comes. Imagine a river flowing and slowly eroding the shore, the wind changing the landscape of a beach, or the sun baking a desert into submission. The sun rises and sets on it all, bathing the world in its palette of enticing colors that change daily. It just happens.

Why am I thinking about change?

In the past week our world has undergone change, and in the process some people have not wanted to go along. Change is part of who we are, and part of the world we are in, accept, enjoy, and live through, and in the end spend that time in acceptance ensuring that others are inspired by your lead, not degraded by your actions. When the sun sets tomorrow and the sunset is blocked by the clouds, you cannot do anything to change it, but you can have hope that the next day will be beautiful, and both you should accept. The point is, worrying, stressing, being upset, or even ranting does not change the world, it only reflects on you.

So as the sun sets on another day, love the day, enjoy the day, be happy for the day, and spend a little time realizing that tomorrow will come and who knows, it may be the brightest day ever.

Sleep sweet, love life, and enjoy the changes in the world, no matter what...