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As the sun sets on another fricken cloudy day I went to the grocery...

We could easily say I went to the grocery and bought a pop tart, or a cookie, or in this case batteries and marshmallow cream (Don't ask, it would get messy). While I was there I was skipping up into an aisle and met a beautiful lady who was quite a bit my senior. She laughed, smiled and told my friend she loved it as he was shaking his head at me. As I left I walked by her and told her she had pretty eyes and to have a wonderful day. As we left the store my friend stated she was beaming. Not from anything but a few words and a smile. We all should consider each day that if we just take a moment and pay attention to someone else they may have a better day, and for a moment we are making the world a better place. I will never see this woman again, but I made her laugh and smile. Making someone smile is good thing in my book. For those who are even more important to us, we should love every moment together, and should all live for our best times together (that should be right now).

(Unless you are alone in the middle of nowhere, then it should be when time presents the one you love once more)

Have a super night, and love life every day, no matter what...