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The sun sets on another day...

Space, the final frontier....ooops, wrong track. I think we all may need a frontier though. As the sun flies across the sky it is also flying through the universe. As such, we are voyaging where no one has gone before all the time, well, our solar system is in theory. 

That being said what are you doing that is a new frontier? Are you being that person who looks for a strange new adventure, or do you veg on the couch. Are you finding an exciting new thing to be a part of today, or are you playing it safe and doing what you know.

I tend to try to find new challenges as often as I can. There is no final frontier if every day is new frontier. There can be no greater challenge than finding a new plateau each time you approach a day. This is not necessarily thrill seeking, but it may be thrilling, not necessarily over the top, but not mundane. In the end the days are wonderful if you make them wonderful, and no day will be mundane unless you choose to make it mundane. It sounds like something impossible, but try it, push the envelope and make every day an adventure, even if you are taking out the trash.

So as the sun sets on another day, take a moment, think of something you have always wanted to do, a challenge, a step on the sidelines, a rush headlong into adventure. Don't just dream it, make it yours, and make the day a milestone to new frontiers and beyond, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, look to the skies, and love beyond what others can believe or even farther...