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The sun sets on another day...

Today I sat in a planning meeting looking at the future of a truly magnificent area. I enjoyed the moments and as I took a break for a short time looked out through the storm to see a brilliant blast of light shinning down on the other side of the lake. This was not a small light, this was over the top even for someone like me who is over the top. As I watched, a rainbow formed and lit up the lake light a kaleidoscope. As I went back in, I was given new inspiration, and the meetings went well.

Sometimes inspiration comes from the most subtle of sources, but sometimes inspiration is truly a massive press to show you exactly what you should be looking at, and will lift you not only high, but higher! (and higher and higher) When we see a sign to give us inspiration we truly need to take a moment and consider what we should be doing! To do any less would be a difficult attack on ourselves. So today, I took the moment, wrote a three page suggestion and got fired up for Nanowrimo and wrote a blog article, and then this! It is all amazing if you look at it the right way, and it should not take a rainbow to inspire us to be better.

So as the sun sets on another day and this confusing post, well, look for a rainbow, but if you don't see it, make your own rainbow. Build a fleet of rainbows and be the person that find the pot of gold underneath them all!

Sleep sweet, chase the rainbow, and find happiness no matter what...

(Oh, and yes, the picture is real and it was awesome!)