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The sun sets on another day...

I was surprised at sunset tonight to see fewer people than normal. Sometimes people are not at the beach at sunset, but usually they are and are taking pictures like crazy. A few arrived right as the sun was crossing the horizon, they got out, took a few pictures and left right away. Each person had a reason for being there, and each person found their way into the moment, but their opinions to why they were there may have been quite different.

It sometimes amazes me the variety of opinions we see in life. Each moment is an adventure if you are asking for opinions, because everyone has one. I know a couple of jokes like that, but I would not re-post them, well, maybe I would but it wouldn't be pretty. The trick is to always stay positive and make sure you honor other peoples opinions and don't just dismiss them. Sure, you can disagree, but nothing makes your opinion the right one, nor does anything make anyone else's opinion the right one. In the end, it is all just supposition and anecdotal displays of information. Otherwise it would not be opinion.

The tough part is to be able to sometimes realize that a difference of opinion can be a major detriment and as such, someone can get hurt. Well, not physically, but they can experience something that is less than pleasant. We must all learn to rise above that, and try to understand.

So as the sun sets on another day in this world filled with opinions, take a second and realize you don't have the opinion. Remember that everyone's opinion counts, and remember that sometimes you just have to nod and say "OK" even when you know the other person is wrong to be the better person and hope they see the light, or you do. (Either way works)

Sleep sweet, love bananas, and enjoy life every day...