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The sun sets on another day...

Sometimes as we drive through life we are reminded that there are thin lines to our sides that keep us on the road. We know we have to follow the path to get where we are going, but sometimes it seems the road is far too long to make it there in a timely manner. Sometimes the lines we are  driving between feel like a prison and as we watch the drivers to our sides we realize everyone is within those lines, and sometimes it pretty much seems like no one knows where they are going.

With that in mind I watch the cars zip in and out, faster and faster going to nowhere fast, and me following. Are you following as well?

I saw a commercial that made me think of all of this recently. The choice is yours. you can follow the road and go wherever it leads, or occasionaly go off road, and take a chance with the bears, and maybe have an adventure.

So as the sun sets on another day, the path before us isn't always clear, but it is usually our path. Choose a path that leads to your happiness and find a way, not just everyone's way, but your way. 

Sleep sweet, smile like crazy, and love life...