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The sun sets on another day...

There are words for days like today. Comic relief is a good name for it, but also eye opening, and enlightening. It is funny how days like that can make you feel good, bad, indifferent, empowered and drained all at the same time. It is even funnier when you can't decide which is which because they are all coming at once.

Today I was assisted by a kind gentleman in loading a tractor. In the process we worked hard to get it started, and found it finally would turn over, but would just not catch. At last, and only after a few brief turns we found that the gas tank was clean. In fact, the gas tank was so clean that it looked like it had never had gas in it, so we laughed, got gas and eventually got the tractor loaded and taken to a new home. As I sat considering the day I thought about how sometimes you just have to take the day, and drain the life right out of it. Sometimes you have to accept no less than success, and in the process, push the envelope a little further that you normally would. Sometimes the gas tanks will be empty, and when you discover them, you fill them, plain and simple and then move on.

So as the sun sets on another day, remember that when you seem to be out of gas, there is something out there to put gas back in you. Use it, accept no less than a good day and in  the process try to make life better and better each day, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and laugh at a bad joke, (because I tell them)...