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The sun sets on another day...

The wind whipped by and could chill you to the bone if you let it, but as I felt the wind streak across my cheek I knew it was OK. Why? Because this was a picture worth taking and was worth more than taking a step back, and wondering about the world, instead, living it.

I watched a movie today that begged a similar question, "How should you live life?". Should life be about being safe, or should life be about being alive, taking chances and living?

Now don't get me wrong, as I took my picture today there were some interesting people walking on an icy pier with giant waves and trying to maintain their footing, that too me is not living, it is begging for an end, but I did not see if they had on scuba gear, steel cleats and safety lines, so they could have been OK.  I don't think living on the bleeding bloody edge is the best, nor do I believe in living in bubble wrap and preparing for the apocalypse with 1000 cans of spam and a can opener. I do believe that sometimes we need to play our cards a little more freely and see if we can win, and that opportunity might take us to a new level, or it might not. No matter what, it would allow us to live.

So as the sun sets on another day, we don't have free lives, life is not a video game, and we don't have the ability to step into a better situation. Instead, we react to opportunities. React to yours and make the best choices you can. It may surprise you that sometimes the best choice is edgy, and sometimes it may seem safe, but always, there is a path forward. Be someone who chooses wisely.

Sleep sweet, love life, and  laugh at the action...