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The sun sets on another day...

In classical mythology there were a few women with apples that made the sunset golden and amazing. The hesperides were keepers of treasures, and of course one of their greatest was that golden glow that envelopes us all. The protected those treasures with all they had, and gave the gift of the sunset to us each day we cared to look, or so mythology says.

So how do you protect your treasures, or better, what treasures do you have that you hold highest. When people think about treasure many think cost, but there are those that see treasure as it should be, as something that means a great deal. As an example, I have a polished rock I have had since I was little, and that rock is really nothing special, except it is special to me sine my grandparents gave it to me oh so long ago. I have a considerable number of cameras, but a small "spy" camera that is worth only a few cents is in a place of high esteem, simply because it was given to me as my first camera.  So it goes. Perhaps I am strange between books, music boxes, simply brown cards, and small trinkets, but each has a story worth more than money can buy. I like to think having those things around helps me appreciate every day by reminding me how perfect life can be if you let it.

So as the sun sets on another day, look at the trophies you keep and consider, are they those that reflect a price, or are they those that bring forth the best things in you. Are those treasures something that will mean the world to the world, maybe, but they may mean the world to you, and through the present, open a stunning future, just like the golden apples. Hold on to the memories as you step into today, and live every day like it was the best you will ever have, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and laugh all you can...