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The sun sets on another day...

I mean really, really sets. It went from light to black in a few short moments. The sun is on the run today. Chased away by a LOT of rain.

The rain is heavy, but as I watched the rain fall, from light sprinkles to hard and fast pounding rain, I wrote. As I wrote I considered something fun.

Several authors and I are discussing a book of short stories. Not just a short story about us, or the past, or the future, or magic, or mystical moments, or history, but a series of short stories with a common thread. I think the common thread may turn out to be Michigan, but it could be anything. We are discussing and in typical author fashion, imaginations have taken control.

So 10 characters walk into a bar. A beautiful woman takes over quickly because she is wise and in charge, her eyes seem to sparkle with power, she pours drinks for a small alien and a wizard who walk up to the bar. A boy walks to the edge of the bar with a magic pocket watch and asks for a coke, while a tall man and his beautiful girlfriend sit in the corner watching. A young woman from another time walks in and sits by herself. The woman in the couple asks her to sit with them and they begin talking. More file in and soon there are well over 10 sitting in the bar area. The striking woman behind the bar says, "We are here today to talk through our common bonds, and to solve anything that comes our way."

The girl with the man says, "A drink coming my way would be nice," to which the woman at the bar throws a bottle that the man catches out of the air easily. He pours a drink for the ladies and hands the bottle to others in the room. Then he sits down again.

The woman at the bar smiles with a twinkle in her eye, "Nice catch. As I was saying we are here to find our common bonds. Let's all face the world together, we have strengths and weaknesses that we are not all aware of, and we will overcome anything together."

The look to each other, nod, and all drink a toast as a small alien create waves and a portal opens, where they will soon step to will be an adventure...

So as the sun sets on another day, sorry for this light sidestep, it is just another moment in a series of moments that make a life. I look forward to whatever we decide. It will be a journey that can be fun, or a journey that is more than fun, but it will be a journey, and that in itself is fun. Find a journey today for you, and enjoy a good book. 

Sleep sweet, read well, and love life to the moon and back...