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The sun sets on another day...

Wonderful, amazing, fantastic, phantistich, marvelous, astounding, enthralling, invigorating, and many more words can describe a normal sunset. Each day we are given a gift, and often that gift is in the form of a sunset or a whole lot of other things that are just striking. (Another descriptor huh?)

Sometimes we just let life slide by. How many people focus so hard on the day to day that they miss the day to day. How many wake, work, doze, sleep, then wash rise and do again. It is a life, but how fun is that? Missing a work week is like saying 71% of your time is worthless. Icky when you think of it that way.

I like to think every moment is precious, and every memory is one to be cherished, in fact, as we progress it would be nice if we could even sleep with our eyes open so we don't miss a thing. We only get one shot at life and if you only have 29000 sunsets do you really want to say I only enjoyed 8285 of them because I worked the rest of the time? Think about it.

So as the sun sets on another day, consider each moment as a slice of forever, and each experience as something to be cherished. Take hold of life and truly live it, enjoy work, enjoy your drive in, your drive home, enjoy home and well, try to enjoy everything. Without it, how can we truly be as happy as we should be? By enjoying each day perhaps we open the door to adventure, and good time and maybe we can enjoy life more, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, smile like crazy, and giggle a little too...