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The sun sets on another day...

Rain rain go away, er, no, rain rain make us wet so our great plants will grow again, er, well, rain rain do your thing for us all life do you bring. Huh, they all seem to work.

You know, life is full of things we have to face. Some of them are super,and some not so super. Ever think for a moment that those things that are not so super we are making not so super? We face so many trials and tribulations, that sometimes it is better to just realize you have to go with the flow. You need to take the good that you can take and not say "but". Just deal with the items you can, enjoy it and don't overthink. Stop looking at it as "I get an hour of time but I could have more" and just remember you "get an hour of time". Really, you will be happier.

There are certain things in life you need, but some just are wants. Learn to discern, and then learn to be happy with whatever you can and try to enjoy the rest.

So, as the sun sets on this rainy day, lets hope the flowers love it, and enjoy them when they are out, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, do cartwheels, and love life...