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The sun sets on another day...

I was reading a book that I had set aside for some time and I got tickled by a series of "carpes" and thought about all the things we should really seize.

Carpe Diem is a pretty popular phrase meaning seize the day. Few people have not heard of it and it really outlines something we all should do. Not wait for the day to walk up on us, but instead seize that day, make it ours, make it something that we not only experience but own.

Tonight I am suggesting a few other things:

  • carpe beatitudo - Seize happiness, because we all deserve it and when it is there waiting for us, we need to grab it
  • carpe temporis - seize the moment, because time is fleeting and waiting for a day just doesn't seem right
  • carpe caritate - seize love, because love isn't just about waiting it is about doing
  • carpe prandium - seize dinner, because sometimes you just have to eat
  • carpe pace - seize peace, because sometimes it isn't going to come to you unless you grab onto it
  • carpe scientiam - seize knowledge, because sometimes knowing is better than opinion

and of course my all time favorite, carpe carpum, seize the fish, (well, carpe piscis) because it just isn't that easy to grab a fish.

My point in this rambling silliness is that sometimes we can't wait for life to give us, well, anything. Sometimes we have to reach out and grab what is presented and make it our world.

So as the sun sets on another day, seize your day. Make it your day, but along the way remember there is more to life than just today. Find your passion and make your passion a guideline to your happiness, and just keep making the world a better place, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and carpe luna

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The sun sets on another day...

Sunset. For a moment we are all focused on just one thing as we watch the sun fall from the sky, well it seems like ti is falling, err, well it looks like it is but it is really not, what was I saying again?

Welcome to our new world. A place where we can become so scattered that the world seems to be full of squirrels that are throwing little sparklers at us in the dark. We see them pop up and disappear and try to look at them all, but don't see any of them. 

Do you ever feel like that in the world right now? Like a cat chasing a Laser, going round and round, and maybe round, and maybe one more round and never being able to grab that elusive laser in front of you?

If you read about distracted living in Psychology today you could get the idea that the age of technology is just making us nuts, literally. We are surrounded by a great many items that we look at, but really don't need, and are constantly reaching for the stuff we can't reach. According to the article (Yes I am butchering it a little) there are several things we should do to make it better, but the one that called to me was "Notice and Appreciate every day". I think they read my mind. After all, each day is a gift, it is why it is called the present. (Har har) Let's look at the present and maybe take a few minutes to watch a sunset, enjoy a moment, and find the passion in our lives.

So as the sun sets on another day, well, stop running around looking at silly things. The Laser of life is spinning you round and round and it is time to tell it to stop. Take a moment, notice the day, appreciate the day, and make the day your own. As you do, find the best things in your life and make them real, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and fire the Laser...



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The sun sets on another day...

A clear day, and on a clear day you can see forever. There is something amazing in the air when the sky finally parts and the sunset is brisk, exciting, and nearly overwhelming.

Today was a day of light, and light bulbs. The sun shone bright and dozens of ideas ran around the room. In the end, those ideas became a little more than ideas, they became change.

It is funny how ideas can facilitate change. There are things that go on that seem to languish all the time, things that are wonderfully pleasant and enjoyable,  and things that go nowhere and make our days less than perfect. We choose each day how we pay attention to these days, and we choose each day how to overcome them. As we do this, we create change. Sometimes for the good, and sometimes for the better and best! Our lives are a series of changes, and all of those changes start with light bulbs.

I won't say it is perfect. I won't say it is anything less than the struggle many seem to have with change, but if embrace your light bulbs, and hang on to your ideas, your changes might just be easier. Right?

So what is that next great idea. What will make your day even better, and what is it that will turn your change into more than change. What will make it reality. It has been said many times that a winner does what they have to do, but I am sure, if you think about it, what we have to do is to grow, adapt, and change each and every day, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and make your life a series of positive changes each day...

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The sun sets on another day...

I had a lot of time to think as I drove this weekend, and as I thought I was a bit overwhelmed. Why? Well I was thinking about all the things I try to do behind the scenes and started thinking about the things that happened to me behind the scenes as well. Then I thought about all the times that I had let truth or untruth pass, and just let it go. Then (Yeah big thinking time) I thought about all the people I have talked to that did something fantastic or great or even good and were unnoticed in it all. then I smiled at the idea my father had so long ago, and the idea I tried to move forward.

If you ever get a chance, read this one from the past, it may help with it all. You can also read this and see how my dad approached this a little, but you don't have to, it will all make sense in a moment.

I gave away EGBAR pins after I collected a great deal of them working at a position a long time ago, and as I gave them away, I asked for nothing except to pass it on. I gave them out when I saw someone in obvious need of a little cheering up and usually after I sat and talked to them for a while. The idea was, Everything is Gonna Be All right. I used that statement to get a smile, or at least make someone consider a better path. sometimes they did, sometimes they did not. I have tried a lot to help people over the years but didn't want anything (and would not be mentioning it now except there is a point to this whole line of thinking).

My father had the concept of the Solomon Group that could not be completed, well, mainly because he died. I was not aware of this until many years later and have the foundations sitting, waiting to be executed. The Solomon Group was a group of people who would help behind the scenes and ask for nothing with a simple doctrine and a simple goal, to slowly try to make the world a better place. It could work, but it may not.

Today I thought a lot about it because of several converging situations and some conversations with my son, and other people. There was a lot to digest, a lot to consider, a lot to learn.

Perhaps the best way to approach everything is to open your eyes and be aware of more. I am not always as good as I should be. I missed something quite a while ago that is tough for me, and I have ignored some attacks on me that I should have addressed, but if I had opened my eyes I would have been better off. It happens. At the same time I thought about strange things that I have done and others I know have done that make me smile, and I think this is where we should be. Examples I have been told or involved in are like:

  • Helping someone along from behind the scenes without them being aware
  • Watching a funeral from a distance just to make sure someone was OK
  • Caring when it would be easier not to care
  • Taking care of someone ill from a distance
  • Sending a nice gift without a reason or  card
  • Talking to someone new
  • Talking to an old friend you have not spoken to in some time
  • Making others feel at ease
  • Being there to listen

Basically finding that thing that needs to be done and doing it without looking for some type of praise, compensation or other (You pick the other). I am not looking for praise now or ever. I am hoping that if one of the many readers of this little blog sees the same thing I have in the world that they too will try to or continue to help people just because. Not for the fame or the glory or a million thank yous, but because it is the right thing to do. Not to do it each and every moment, but to do it when necessary and as possible. Even a little thing like buying a sandwich for someone hungry and moving on could make a world of difference in the world. After all, the little things mean a lot, they really do.

Take a second, take stock of yourself, what does it all mean to you? Anything? Everything? Nothing? It all does matter somewhere. At least I think it does. If I walk through my 29000sunsets living life to be happy and help when I can, unnoticed, perhaps at the end of it all I will feel satisfied. (Of course I could always feel there is more to do)

So as the sun sets on another day, do you know someone in need, someone who really really needs help but would never ask. Can you help? Is there a way? Why not take a moment and do something little first. Be that person that does something little for everyone, anyone, or someone, but be a person that maybe, just maybe, makes a difference and is that friend that is always there, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, believe in yourself, and believe in a better world...