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For each day in life most people start out with a clean slate. when first awakened, most people are a pretty blank as their mind copes and clears away the hurt, pain and other items from previous days allowing the past to fade, both good and bad. This allows people to handle a myriad of issues without constantly feeling as though the world is closing in on them. (I would like to pause here for all of you that can do this and give you a hearty SNL "Isn't that special")

There are those of us who are a bit different. When we wake, we still have access to a tremendous amount of information which is sometimes positive, and sometimes not so positive. This makes for either really good days, or really bad days as the thoughts, feelings, and positives and negatives multiply and we just feel (and think and enjoy, and a whole lot of things concurrently)

So as the sun sets on another day today I felt a little down, not for any good reason, but because the plethora of happy times in my life collided with the not so happy times and it just made me miss a few things. 

So now, as I write this post, for all of you who feel as I have felt. Take a deep breathe, hold on to the happiest times in your life and try, just try to set aside the negatives from those people and situations that pulled you down and in the process, feel good. Breathe, smile, and love the moment. Moments may hurt, and they may hurt until the end of time, but that does not mean you cannot enjoy all you can until such a time that you find a way to those things that would make you happy forever. When you get there, hold on, and perhaps, just perhaps you may find peace, fulfillment, and happiness for a moment then reach for forever. 

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The sun sets on another day...

Cut me some slack, I took this picture at 70 miles per hours running down a highway, but the colors were unreal.

As we sit and look at our sunsets it is important to remember that no matter how close they may look, no two sunsets are the same, ever. It is interesting to consider that life, and people, are similar to those sunsets as no two people are the same, and no two lives are the same either. We are the sum of who we are in life, and as such, none of us have ever experienced the same things in their lives. We can listen, learn, and understand everything about someone else but we cannot ever say we really know how they feel exactly. (We just make a good guess based on ourselves)

Why does this matter? As you are sitting and considering your actions and reactions you really need to understand that people may not see the world as you do and may not understand your reactions to how they do or say things. When dealing with children, we must adapt to the child as they see the world differently even if they are raised in the same house. In a relationship you may understand your partner, or may have no clue where they are in life if their experience is different from yours. At work, each employee has a different hot button that will open their life up, and allow them to be more effective.

The common key for us all is to listen and at least try to understand. I may be wrong, but I feel I have had an advantage as I have had such a myriad of experiences, good and bad; have been awake longer than many people much older than me; and like to listen and learn always. I feel the most important aspect is listening, and we should do so all the time and hopefully see the point of whomever we are listening to at the moment. 

So pay attention, hug your child, encourage your employee or colleague, and love the person who loves you until our sunsets are no more.

Have an amazing night, after all, tomorrow is another day. 

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The sun sets on another day...

As I was wandering by the beach looking at the snow and cold I looked to the car window and saw a cardinal pacing me. The cardinals red wings shone brightly in the sunlight and I considered how wonderful it was to have this beautiful bird facing the cold and adversity but enjoying every moment.

Wouldn't it be nice if we were all as carefree as that cardinal and only had to consider food and fun as our goals for the day. In this model we would not be burdened with the myriad of daily chores, problems, stresses and general goofiness that we deal with all the time.

Well, I do not see the day coming but I do see we can meet halfway. Perhaps we should take a lesson and spend more time looking at the necessities in life and less time focusing on the petty items we cannot change. Perhaps we should be thankful daily of those people who have the vision, understanding and love to move us forward and make our days complete. Perhaps we should take our moments and make each day the best possible day it can be. Perhaps we should the that person at our job that everyone knows wants to be a success. Perhaps each day we should grab onto love, and ride the wave of passion to tomorrow.

I hope you agree. There is no tomorrow until it is today, and as today becomes yesterday we only have ourselves to blame for anything we have missed.

So race with the cardinal, feel the wind flowing through your hair, love the moment and as the cardinal looks for its goal, lets also find ours and make it happiness for us, and others will soon follow by our example.

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The sun sets on another day...

I am thankful today for those people who are around me. As I worked on truly mindless yet fulfilling tasks today I felt good about life and considered one of the people I talked to today. Young and patient, he has a rather unique name that I think I purposefully mispronounced at least 10 ways today just to be funny. He is a good sport, and took it all in stride but it made me consider how our parents give us these names, and how our name either does or does not drive who we are in life. I consider one side where Shakespeare says:

"What's in a name? that which we call a rose By any other name would smell as sweet; So Romeo would, were he not Romeo call'd, Retain that dear perfection which he owes without that title"

As Shakespeare has said, our name does not define us, we are defined by who we are and what we do in life. We can be perfect or imperfect based solely on how we react to our day, how people see us, and the lessons we leave to those around us. 

But wait, how about those times where our name forces us down a separate path. What if our name brings out something that makes us uncomfortable, or someone uses our name against us. It is those times that we see our inner spirit either rise or fall to the occasion. We can be like the young man today and take it all in stride, or take it harder and stew about something that really does not matter.

What I am saying is easy, those people you touch today will not always remember your name. Those people you stop to help or work with or meet will not think about Fred, or Sam, or Sally. Instead they will remember that guy or girl that went the extra mile to make their day a better day, and they will remember your smile, your passion, your perseverance, and your action. If they remember all of that, perhaps they will remember your name, but I for one would rather be remembered for what I did, how I did it, the promises I kept, the way I loved, the way I laughed, the way I lived, the way I tried and did not give up, or the way I changed to make the world a better place, than ever by just my name. So to our young man, good job, keep your life straight, love life every day, and be who you are always.