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The sun sets on another day...

There is never a finality in a sunset. Instead we now know that as the sun sets it rises is another place and there is a promise that tomorrow the sun will rise for us as well.

Imagine thousands of years ago when there was not such a knowledge, when the sun rising and setting was just magic, and something to be revered, worshiped, or feared. Then we feared the unknown and we're limited by our understanding. Now we know and can be happy with the constant knowledge that we will see the sunrise tomorrow and not need to worry.  

So as the Sun sets on another day remember that knowledge can dispelled darkness and faith can move mountains but only if we have them, so learn each day, live each day, and be part of the solutions in the world.

I have faith, and hopefully some knowledge, and believe each day is worth everything we put into it, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and believe in truth, to the moon and back...


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Ever notice how you are always hearing about wasted time. People say that video games are a waste of time. People say that television is a waste of time. People say that Facebook the internet and a host of other items are just a waste of time. In life is there truly a waste of time? If we learn, or if we experience, or even if we feel something new is it not worth the time to do it? In my opinion it is always best to do something and if it is something enjoyable to not set it aside long as it does not hurt people, infringe on people, or cause undue stress on yourself. After all we only get one shot at life isn't it best to experience everything that we can? It is, after all, our time too. (But keep it in perspective and do the right stuff as well)

So as the Sun sets on another day let's consider enjoying our time and as the Sun comes up and the Sun Goes Down remember that nothing will change its path. Like the inevitable sunrise and sunset we should inevitably move towards living a full life with happiness, passion, and love at its center. 

Sleep sweet, love life, and wish every day for all the things that will make you happy...

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The sun sets on another day...

Feeling poetic today....

There is a light that shines
shines over each one of us
a light that gives us time
a light that build trust
There is a light that shines
it will never wane
hope for yours and mine
and never casts blame
We need to see light
and we need to dream
because there is no bad sunset
no matter how it seems
Sleep sweet, love life, and live every day like crazy...

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The Sun sets on another day...

The Sun takes a similar path each day but rarely exactly the same path.  This is because our world is rotating constantly and traveling around the Sun and as such is never in the same place when the Sun sets. To many of us it seems as though the Sun always rises in the east and sets in the west. Some of us see that although the Sun rises in the east and sets in the west the path is not the same and as we stand in the same place each day the picture will be slightly different.  It is up to us to truly pay attention so that we may know where the Sun will set and in doing so know what is true.

I have a tendency of listening a lot to many people. Yesterday I listened to someone talking about a friend. As I listened I realized that they knew this friend very well but may not have known them at all.  I find this is often true as we walk through life. Many times preconceived notions of life guide us to places that perhaps we should not go. So which path should we take? How about we listen and not spend so much time talking. How about we pay attention to people and not spend so much time looking for what we think is true and in that perhaps we will find the truth. My friend is out there and perhaps some of the things that are said are true, perhaps they are not. I think it will  be up to me someday to make up my own mind and not for others to influence me for I know I will listen and in listening perhaps I will hear the truth and know what is real. Not that it matters, as in the end we have to live with ourselves and our values above all else.

So as the Sun sets on another day let's listen for a while, let's spend some time with each other and not decide how things are but hear and understand how things truly re and be supportive of the people we care about no matter what. After all we are only on this planet for a short time, maybe only 29000 sunsets. Isn't it best to enjoy every one?

Sleep sweet, love life, to the moon and back and the stars behind...