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The sun sets on another day...

I know I know, movies are movies, and reality is reality. I find though that inspiration can be found in movies all of the time as they tend to explore how we are in life and cover the issues we never considered as important, until we were in the middle of them. This is true of some TV as well. It helps us cope with concepts and ideas in a different way by maybe opening our minds a little, maybe even closing them a little.

So I considered today the depth of so many movies and thought about the musical, "The Unsinkable Molly Brown". Yeah, it is a musical, but it shows people so much if they let it. All they have to do is open up for a moment and let the feeling in. In the movie, Molly is driven by everything except true love. She sees the sparkle and glitz of travel, of money, of a new house, new cars, being in Denver and part of the elite, and in the process she misses out on the guy right next to her, Johnny. You would like to think that everything is OK, but as you pay attention you have to see that the world meant nothing in the end, and he had it all figured out. As she took her ring off the inscription inside made a world of sense, "Always remember two things I love you and the name of the bank."

It finally dawned on Molly in the movie that the world was not about the house, the car, education, being on the Titanic, or being seen as the best of anything, it was about the love a man had for a woman, and she kept missing it. In this movie at least, the man constantly gives in to the woman, hoping she will see the light, and it took the almost loss of him for her to realize nothing was important but the two of them.


So in your relationship, is that how it is? Are you willing to live in a box together, or do you need a mansion? Are you willing to eat beans and burgers, or do you need caviar, is the person you with the love of your life, or just part of your life that goes on, is every moment a celebration of passion and excitement, or what is on channel 18? Is your life a challenge of mental stimulation, or are you wondering why he/she is picking their toes?


So as the sun sets on another day, what did you do to make the person you are with understand the depth of your passion, and what did the person you are with do to rock your world? If there are limits, they are not imposed by who you are, they are imposed by who you want to be. Every excuse is an excuse keeping you from having fun and being as happy as you can be, and every moment lost is one step towards not being able to experience the excitement you should. I think everyone needs to find their way to the greatest moments in their lives every day, and always remember, "... two things I love you and the name of the bank."

 Sleep sweet, love life, and smile a little, for the fun of it...

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The sun sets on another day...

I have written before about Stephen King and his story "My Pretty Pony" here. It is a very good short story about the essence of time. Today I felt time was on my side or against me several times and I considered how funny the thought was of time being different, but it is different depending on how you look at it.

So consider me waiting for a phone call from someone I reached out to: the message was left and I was given a time, and slowly the time passes, then passes some more, and passes some more, and maybe a little more. In those times you think time is taking forever but minutes feel like hours, and it can be the most terrible feeling in the world just waiting.

A long long time ago, in this galaxy I had a girl friend who began "branching out" to do other things. As she did she would promise one thing, and then I would wait, and wait, and wait, and maybe wait a little more. She would then call and cancel and tell me she got tied up, and set me aside. The time I experienced was excruciating as I waited for moments and suddenly it was hours, each tick of the clock a rip in my heart. "Years later I realized I did the same thing to someone else and did not even realize it, and had a terrible penance to pay in my mind that seemed just as long. 

The good part is that sometimes good things can last equally as long if we let them. The slow work on a favorite hobby, or the work with someone else on life can seem like hours of pleasure, and only really be moments. It really works in your favor as well. Time can be an amazing ally, or a terrible enemy. I spent time with a fried this week at the beach, and it was only a few minutes, but the memories and the laughs will make it a forever.

I urge you to read the short story sometime and consider how time passes for each of us and challenge each person reading to take a moment and trick time. How? You can trick time by simply ending your attention to it. Set the phone and the clock aside and instead focus on the moments. Whether it is long or short it will not matter, because without measure, is there a time? Without a point of reference, does time matter?

So as the sun sets on another day, your assignment today is to read "My Pretty Pony" by Stephen King, and instead of getting stuck in a forever time loop (Like in the movies) get stuck in a special moment. Hug someone special, enjoy the breeze, laugh at a joke, or simply make the world a mosaic that only you can paint. Make the world a wonderful place in your mind and maybe, just maybe it will become that for us all. 

Sleep sweet, love to the moon and stars beyond, no matter what...

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The sun sets on another day...

The storms are rolling in after a crystal clear morning that was beyond belief. A light breeze blew and I was amazed at the clean air. Woof. It was awesome!

As I sat in the relatively early morning hours feeling the prickly coolness assail my skin and considered the word "no".

As the sun sets, it has no choice, there is no yes or no, there is only what is. The sun rises, the sun sets and the myriad of moments in between can be positive, negative, or they're independent of it actually happening. There is no yes or no, only that it happens.

For all of us it is not so simple. I find it funny that no is often one of the first words kids learn. We always seem to focus on the "no" in life, and not the redirect to "do this instead" or the though that no should never have been an option. Sounds silly, but consider the child walking and grabbing something potentially dangerous, why was someone not there, why was the item there. The "no" would have been unnecessary, and sometimes the no (Like don't put that in your mouth) doesn't take into account that it should actually be "yes" build a healthy gut full of resistances.

As we grow older, we really need to consider the no more effectively. I remember a movie that had the quote, "Why ask why when how is so much more fun" I think it should be "why say no, when how is so much more fun" not because it promotes the bad, but because shouldn't there be a "how".

Consider the day to day, "wanna go to a movie?" "No", "Why", "Because I said so" or such nonsense. If you are interacting with people in a group you should consider the group dynamic and be a part of it, or leave the group. I wish people would pay attention to how it is not all about them, it is about they.

I consider this true in most "relationships" because one person deciding means one person is always in the corner. Not a good place to be. If one person decides no, what is the second left to think. 

Maybe we need to take it a step further and add a why and a how to the fray. The why to explain, and the how to offer a solution that works for both. Doing so offers us a choice, and a choice is one of the things we really need.

So as the sun sets on another day, "No!". Umm, just kidding, the sun is setting and the world is a better place because you are here. Find a way to make your life complete, and move past no to something special, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, laugh a lot, and be happy every day...


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The sun sets on another day...

I watched tonight as I waited for the sunset as dozens and dozens of seagulls fought the wind and slowly moved to the north. It was funny and exciting watching them fight their way forward. It was interesting as they slowly fought against the wind, or let go and let the wind buffet them backwards, away from their goals. Some were more inventive as I watched them tack too and fro in the forceful winds and wondered how well they would fare, only to see them take a longer path, sometimes to make headway, and sometimes to roll with the wind. Those that tacked worked hard, but it seemed they moved faster and sometimes, they were far more effective even if it took longer.

I have thought a lot about life paths this weekend. Father's day was hard as I remember my father often, and wonder how he would be in the strange world we now see around us. He and I are often the gulls that press forward, we damn the torpedoes and find a way even if it means wearing ourselves out. At least he did so long ago. I still press that envelope as so many do, there is a way to go, and it is to push forward, not back, and make a life for yourself.

There are others that fall against the wind. Battered and beaten they will accept a fate and hope for a day they can be where they set out to be. We find those people in our life all the time. They are the ones that give up easily, they let go of their dreams and settle for another dream, even if that dream is a nightmare. The word "settle" comes to mind often here, as there is not massive overwhelming positive in their lives, nor is there a negative. They are until they are not, simple and effective.

Then there are those that take the long path. Sometimes it is the right thing to do, the smart thing to do, and sometimes it gets you in the middle of nowhere in order to get somewhere. As I watched the gulls those that tacked were sometimes the most successful, and sometimes they took a beating as the wind shifted, and they were lost. Their pathway was dozens of times longer, but they found a way, it was just not a direct way. We see those people too, the ones who go with the flow but have an eventual goal. These are the masterful gulls that see more joy in the flying. This is where I want to be when I am pressing forward, and I find myself here many a time, just enjoying the ride, and seeing the goal, but finding a way that is not necessarily the way.

Sometimes that is a way in itself. Working your way to a way while enjoying the way. The first group get there directly, perhaps fastest, perhaps not, but they fight hard and may have time for more, or may not. The second loses a lot, and misses out on their goals completely. The third finds a way but perhaps enjoys the ride. 

So, as the sun sets on another day, which are you? Are you giving up, finding your way, or finding the long way, but enjoying it all. Decide well for this also affects who you are in life. I suggest you do what makes you happy and makes those closest to you happy as well, then make your life awesome, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and laugh, because it is fun!