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The sun sets on another day..

Christmas closes in on us, circling like a silent predator, its true meaning lost in the technology driven miasma that seems to consume us all, a need, even an entitlement that would make Ebeneezer Scrooge pale at the thought of it. 

Sounds awful. In this time of year we should embrace joy and be thankful for the things in our life that have given us the richness we feel inside. That's right, feel. Not the things we touch each day or will touch someday, but the things we feel. We touch the car we drive each morning, but we feel the joy of driving. We touch the person next to us, but we feel the passion (or insert other feeling here) deep inside, we touch money, but we feel...well, bad example.

I had someone tell me once that they would stay in a situation of pain and frustration forever, because they knew they would have "stuff". I am sure he will be happy as he will not lose his precious money, but he will never know how great life could be until he lets that go.

Once upon a time I thought similar. I thought that money and stuff was a goal, then I lost most of what I had and found that it was transient. Although I appreciate the things in life, the most important things in life (As I see it) are passion, love, and trust.

Think about it for a while and maybe we will get to the same place. 

Enjoy the night, find passion, and trust in your love, or find love you know you trust...

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The suns sets on another day...

...and the little girl in the well is coming for us all! (eeek, wrong holiday)

Are the ornaments on your tree real and do they have meaning, or are they show for others to see and think of you in a different way.

As I looked at the ornaments on my tree I saw the Minuteman my father had given me so many years ago. It was a small pewter ornament or just a figure that could be stood on a desk, which is what I have done for some time. I considered it a testament to my fathers life and the good things he tried to do for so many people, and how I should be doing good for others. Recently my fathers widow started giving me some of the things that were my dads, even though he has been gone for some time. As I wandered though the boxes she had given me I came upon a box of trinkets, and low and behold, there was the same ornament. Now that may not mean much to a lot of people, but it meant a lot to me. What you say? It meant that for years we had been looking at the same thing and thinking of each other and this is really what is important.

There are people you love in life that you may not get to see often, or in my case, ever again. But you have to hold on to the positives in life and realize that even if they are gone, they are never forgotten as they inspired you and perhaps someday you will be together once more. So hold onto the memories of your tree, hold on to the simple trinkets that remind you of happy times, the note the love of you life once wrote to you, the yearbook that was signed by someone special, or the necklace that was a heartfelt present and literally wring the positive feelings out of it, and hold on for more.

Obviously I will not see my father again in this life, but if you know someone who loves you like no tomorrow, maybe its time to just call and let them know, or send a letter to Grandma and let her know, or just find something creative to change the world in a positive way. After all, never count on tomorrow, and live every day with the passion the world deserves. As for me, now I have two minutemen on my curio that will fight to the end to do right, live life, and try to make a few people see happiness.

Sleep well, dream good dreams, and love life to the stars beyond!

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The sun sets on another day...

As we get closer to Christmas it is only fair we consider the story "The Gift of the Magi" by o'Henry.

The story is in the link above and far too long of a short story to quote, but the readers digest short version of this short story is about a man and a woman so in love that most cannot understand. The woman has long flowing hair that is the envy of all around. The man has a beautiful pocket watch that is priceless to him. In the story the man sells his most prized possession for a set of combs for her beautiful hair, while the woman sells her hair for a fob for the mans pocket watch. 

Imagine a world where the person you were with was willing to do exactly this, to give up something so precious to them for the sake of the other. In my opinion this is how love and marriage should be, where you are so aware of the other that you would give anything to make them happy, and they you. So consider, what would you give up for your boyfriend or spouse? Would you give everything you are and be what they want you to be, or would you be you, because they felt the same and would give you everything they are as well? People hide behind so much in the myriad of lop sided relationships out there, where one person will do anything, while the other sets limits, or where one person actually sacrifices a massive portion of his or her life while the other allows it. In the end I have hope for all of us.

In my moment of hope I ask everyone to believe in love and what it means as it transcends all that we believe and gives us hope for a better tomorrow and a better life. So whether you believe in yourself, your marriage, God, or nothing, find a way to believe that there is someone out there loving you and hold onto it.

Have a good night, and find your way to truth and happiness.


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The sun sets on another day...and we have a Christmas tree!

Today I met a few ladies while looking at International Christmas trees. I told them the story that my father once told when he was giving his time to the Salvation Army. It goes like this:

"Once there was a young lady who came into a saloon looking for money to help her family. As she walked in it was obvious she was very poor by the tattered clothes, and battered shows she wore. She went from table to table at the saloon asking for money and was turned away with sour looks at ever corner. When she came to the bar a rather gruff man was there and looked at her as she approached. 

"Please sir, can you help my family."

The man looked at her with disdain and reached into his pocket and pulled out two bits. Looking at her he took the money and threw it into the almost full spittoon. "There you go" he laughed.

To his surprise the girl walked to the spittoon and reached in with her small hand, and pulled the coins from the spittle. Then using her apron she carefully wiped off the coins and walked back to the man who was in a state of shock. 

"Thank you so much sir", she said with a tear in her eye, "and god bless you."

she left the bar and the man did not pick up his drink. The story goes he turned around his life and became one of the most generous men around, and an active member of his church. 

After I told this story to the two women they were beaming, and thanked me for taking the time to talk to them. I too (In my opinion) had tossed a few coins without the spittoon and told them I told this story when I could, and always with a tear in my eye.

The point of it all is, it is easy to say you are a christian. It is easy to make the appearance of being a christian, but perhaps the truth is a bit more hidden and eventually finds a way.

Live life, live the TRUTH, and love every day like there is no other. Sleep sweet and watch the stars, I will be watching too.