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The sun sets on another day...

I am sitting here watching a sunset in the making, while it is storming, while lightning blurs my vision of the sky, while thunder rocks the very walls I am in between, yet there it is, in the distance, the red hue heralding a sunset. I am considering going to the beach to watch this miracle and have another moment as I did a few weeks ago where I missed the perfect picture, as lightning fought for the suns glow, but I am not sure. (It be nasty out there)

You know, we all have a sunset before us each day, and sometimes the storm makes it hard to see. There is a place in our hearts each day to hold on to the good in life, and a place we can pack in the negatives. I feel anytime people interact we have both choices coming at us, the great fun, or the horrible drama. To me there is a lot of "what should we expect" and not enough "This is what is going to happen". We can assume the storm is coming just about every day, and let our day be covered in clouds, or we can be mindful of the storm, and if it comes, maybe it is time to dance in the rain.

Maybe it is just me, but I think the world offers us fantastic opportunities each and every day, and we have a tendency to miss them while we focus on our small part of the world. Maybe it is time to look past the storm and see the red sky falling in the west, giving us another wonderful sunset.

So as the sun sets on another day, well, if you are paying attention to the storm, to the mistakes others make, to the problems before you, the daily issues that encompass life, well, I can say this simply, stop it. Instead, watch for the red sky behind the storm, and remember the storm will pass, but you won't. Make this day yours, make it your day like never before, and then have fun with it, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, smile bright, and dance in the rain...

(and yes, this picture is right after the storm)

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The sun sets on another day...

Nothing can capture someone a completely as a whisper. As people listen they are more attentive, and more entranced by not only words, but the meaning of those words. 

Maybe that's why some people just like to speak quietly and not force their words on others. I listen a lot, and unfortunately I talk a lot. I go back to the first though, I do listen a lot. So when I discuss things after listening for a long time, why not whisper. A whisper can grab a room more effectively than a yell, and caries enough power to crumble a world.

In comic book land there are lots of superheros, Superman, Wolverine, The Shadow, and a variety of powerful beings assail our minds in new movies, but perhaps someday they will do a show on Black Bolt, who can never speak to protect us all, and listens wisely, and in one desperate whispered a word, it did not matter what the word was, but it leveled a city.

I like to think the author was pushing a metaphor that meant something. When truly powerful people need to talk, a whisper can bring down walls, eliminate boundaries, and change the world.

So as the sun sets on another day, well, maybe it is time to listen. Maybe instead of talking all the time and trying to be heard we all need to listen. Maybe instead of thinking we know and speaking without facts, we need to listen. Maybe, and maybe when it is time, we will whisper, and the world will be a better place.

Sleep sweet, love the silence, but live the music, each and every day...

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The sun sets on another day...

Today I listened to someone talk and they said a few times that it was "not half bad". 

After a good meeting with lots of positives and only a few negatives they left, and I considered their consistent response. If you are not half bad, then you are more good right? Perhaps that is a good way for some people to look at the world. Those people who cannot seem to see the half full glass as really all the way full, need to be not half bad, so they will be more than half good!


If we actually take a moment and consider our days, there really isn't much we can complain about. Maybe instead of complaining we should start counting ourselves lucky for the positives in our life. After all, if you look for only a few minutes you can find people who have dealt with worse, almost daily. Maybe, just maybe we should just do the best we can, and enjoy the ride along the way, because when you think about it, if its not half bad, or better, not so bad, or even better, no bad at all, then it is all good. Isn't that what we need in life? Let's enjoy the moment and be all good!

So as the sun sets on another day, we tend to overthink the bad, and under-think the good. Let's strike that, reverse it, and be thankful for the moments we have, the moments we cherish, and the moments that make our days great. After all, we are incredible people, and deserve good times in our life, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, enjoy moments, and live for the excitement you can, every day...

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The sunsets on another day...

Today was a great day, but not how I had planned it. I woke with a plan of going out to the lake, throwing the boat in gear, and creating a serious wake. (Woke wanting a wake)

The wind was a little over the top, creating waves that I did not want to be over the top, so instead today was a project day.

Projects can be fun, projects can be challenging, and projects can be frustrating or a little over the top. Today was a series of all of the above as cabinets were painted, and slowly a room came together, well, mostly. There is still work to do.

It is funny how a project can affect people. It can make them into different people as the tension taxes their minds and potentially their bodies. I know my old body was a little taxed today as I painted, but how do you handle projects. Do you see them as a light at the end of a tunnel, or the train rolling down upon you to end it all? Do we approach life the same way, as life is an ongoing project with an ongoing conclusion, and a series of wonderful events that can be challenging, and projects can be frustrating or a little over the top. Maybe the best way is as we tackled things today, as a team, split with a common goal and finding a way to a solution. Maybe the world would be a better place if we would drop our uninformed opinions and split up our issues and work towards a common goal. In my opinion it is a good thought. After all, alone we can all accomplish much, but together, we can accomplish anything!

So as the sun sets on another day each day as a project and work towards a solution, making every day the best day ever by working together to make today the best day ever. At worst, if you cannot make today the best day ever for everyone, make it your best day ever and work towards tomorrow as a better day for us all. For me, there are still some cabinets to paint, and miles to go before we sleep. 

Sleep sweet, laugh well, and consider your life as the greatest project ever....