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For those of you that read my post today without the benefit of my second edit, ooops! I hit the wrong button! Usually I edit several times before I release, in this case I thought I had not released, but I did. Ooops. 

It reminds me of a poem, but I won't recite it to bore you to tears, instead, how about something that is not a sunset? Also you may notice I now have the home page go straight to the sunsets. I appreciate the suggestion.




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Real courage is when you know you're licked before you begin, but you begin anyway and see it through no matter what.   — Harper Lee, 1926–2016

The sun sets on another day....

There are so many choices in life that weigh on us, yes us. Depending on your denomination there are many who feel that decisions are sometimes made for us, or we are guided, but in the end most religions focus on free will, and in that we have the will to make decisions. Sometimes we are faced with an incredibly hard decision, one that will be a pivot point in our life and may make us better, take something away that is precious, find a new path, or rediscover an old path. Sometimes our decisions are not of consequence, but the results can be more difficult to understand.

So let's walk up a hill together. We are standing atop the hill, either alone or with someone. There are choices before us. Some are easy, some are hard and will be filled with pain. In the end both will yield fruit. How do we choose? I have been on this hill many times. Most of the time I have been alone or "Physically alone" and only some times have I been with others. I feel I have chosen right sometimes, and very poorly others. There are times when I should have stayed the course, and times I should have fought harder, and been more determined, with more passion. (Hard to fathom but true)

When you are asked a question on which choice you will make, the answer that comes is hopefully the one from the heart. Those decisions may be impossible, but it may well be the right thing to do. Now, I am sure there will be a lot of people who read this that can tag on a lot of items that show we are guided and should let things just happen, but I feel we have to understand what "guided" means. When you guide your child on their bike, they are free to go whichever direction they need to go, and that might be the right way, or it may be into the ground. Guidance gives options, but does not dictate.

So as the sun sets on another day, grab your courage and feel the power you have to make your life complete, remember sometimes it is right to face pain, defeat, and failure, so we can feel fulfilled and achieve success (eventually). Remember to drive yourself to the pathway necessary for success and happiness, no matter what...


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The sun sets on another day...

It is always interesting to consider the amount of fire we are seeing when we watch the sun go down. In reality the sun is about 333,000 times bigger than the earth and as such it is amazing how beautiful it is to us when we are just about a spec of dust in comparison or even less since we are only 558 times larger than an ant.

So we can enjoy the beauty from distance and it does not look like it could accidentally sneeze and wipe us from existence. Funny how that works isn't it? So by the same token, as we look at the problems in our lives whey are not so daunting as the sun, and if we add a little distance, it may not be all that bad, right? Just think, from a distance problems are not really as big of a deal, and when the sun sets, maybe we should just let them all go.

So as the sun sets on another day remember that problems are not as big as they seem if you step back for a moment and look at them, and if they seem a little too large, step back and let the sun set on another day and slowly the problem may not be as big as you thought it was...

Sleep sweet, wish on a star, and hope someone else is wishing on that same star, forever...

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Image by Tiffany Jones

The sun sets on another day...

The waves wash on the shores of life and leave a mark. The mark is sometimes warm and inviting, sometimes cold and harsh as the sands of time are worn by the eternal tides. Our lives, much like the shore, are shaped by the tides of life, and the sun and moon that fight to control it all. As amazing as it seems it is still our choice how to proceed, as we were given this life to be our heaven, or our hell. Take a moment and feel the breeze, the waves, the sun and the eve, and enjoy the sunset, and all it means and ever will mean. 

Each day remember, the world is a better place because you are in it, and if you cannot believe in that, believe in the sunset that always falls to the west and the sunrise that rises in the east and enjoy their colors.

Sleep sweet, love life, live the truth, and make each day that special moment no one can take away but you...