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Photo by M.M.

As the sun sets on another day...

Today clear skies about and the crisp clean air embraces us, giving life and filling us with hope. As we walk through life and see the flowers, the trees, and all the myriad of things around us we need to be thankful for everything we are given. So today take a moment and smell the flowers. Take a deep breathe and draw in the air. Close you eyes. Think about love, peace and happiness and in doing so, be more in tune with life. This about the things you have accomplished in life, this about all the differences you have made for others and not for yourself, and you will be content. This about those people you have loved with all your heart, and felt things for that person no one else could understand, and you will be at peace.

As you relax and consider the good in your perhaps you will be a little happier, no matter what....

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The sun sets on another day as I consider change.

It is amazing to consider how many changes we go through in our lives. From Infant to child, child to adolescent, adolescent to adult and this can even be spread out more as there are many laces we will grow and change in our lives. We all have pivot points in our life that force change. Some changes are gradual and not really noticed, some are forced and become major pivot points in our life.

My point today is we need to adapt to change and be happy whichever way the wind may blow. There are changes in our lives that may well devastate us, but it is how we rise above that makes us who we are in our life.  We are sometimes the cause of our own changes, as I have been and we are sometimes forced to make changes, as we all have been.

So take a moment, consider your changes and try to make the best of them. They may feel great or they may hurt for the rest of your life, but rise up, rise above and make the world a better place by your example. (Or change the change, and make life happier for you all around)

Enjoy the sunset, I know I will.

(And as David Bowie always said ch ch ch changes...)

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As the sun sets on another day... welcome to the wonderful world of Christmas parties!

As we enter the holiday season (Christmas is one of those) we need to remember that everyone around us will be remembering their most favorite Christmas ever, and their worst Christmas as well. Perhaps you will have your best Holiday, or maybe it will be a little rough. Let's make a conscious effort today and every day to make the people around us feel special (As best we can) and give a hug or two. You never know how wonderful that will make people feel. 

Enjoy your night and love every minute of every day. Someone out there loves you...


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The sun sets on another day and I am thankful for the myriad of people I interacted with today. At a trade event this evening I was part of a discussion that I took to heart. One of the people I was speaking to was very clear that people know what they are doing, and are deliberate in almost everything that they do. I have always believed this as well, that people understand the good, or the bad they do on a daily basis and even when they explain it away, understand or sometimes plan the effect they have on others.

So when someone smiles, they know that they will give a positive, or when they scowl they know that too will elicit a response.

We should consider this daily in our relationships as sometimes there are people who think they are doing a good thing in their mind, but truly they know they are not. The converse is not so true as often, though I really wish it was true and people did more random acts of kindness.

So, as the sun sets today, think about the people you interact with, and take a moment and consider that they may be thinking and aware of their actions a lot more than you give them credit for in your mind. As you do so, accept how they are, and move on. (Or try to help them see a new way if you have the patience)

No matter what, hold on to life, love and passion each and every day..