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As the sun sets on this long ago day I consider the bridges we build and destroy in life.

Sometimes we need to listen and build a bridge to ourselves to see truth. I have a close friend, Gary, that has been walking with me for the last several days "virtually" as I take pictures of the sunsets. He has acted as a sounding board and let me see a few things I needed to see. There may be a plan for us all, but it has to include love and passion each day. Gary is blessed to have a wonderful wife who completes him in every way. Each day she wakes and writes him a note, sets up things for his day and is there for him no matter what. He too, is there for her and he tries to inspire and excite his life every day. The words "No Matter What" echo in my mind as we speak, as he is hers forever, with no doubt, and she his. There is no greater truth I know than the truth of love, and the bridge true love builds that both feel unconditionally, cannot be destroyed. Pray for this type of love each day, and as you watch the sun set, know there is at least 1 couple out there that have it, live it and know it.

Smile and be happy, life is worth living each day.

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A wonderful friend sent me today's topic and after looking into the source, it is from John Lennon. This got me to reading a lot of what John Lennon had to say, and it was pretty enlightening. I am kinda surprises I had never gone into all his thoughts before, but now it is an exciting new perspective.

The sun set on another day today, and it was an almost amazing sunset again, with cloud cover on the horizon that stole the best view at the instant it would have been just perfect. The quote I was sent fits right in with today's sunset:

"There are two basic motivating forces: fear and love. When we are afraid, we pull back from life. When we are in love, we open to all that life has to offer with passion, excitement, and acceptance. We need to learn to love ourselves first, in all our glory and our imperfections. If we cannot love ourselves, we cannot fully open to our ability to love others or our potential to create. Evolution and all hopes for a better world rest in the fearlessness and open-hearted vision of people who embrace life"

There are so many versions of this simple truth it boggles the mind. If we live in fear, we cannot live a fulfilled life. Fear of the unknown comes to the top of the list. If we live and honor love, we can change the world int a better place. So today, as the sun sets, consider your fears, you fear of change, of making a mistake, of disappointing someone, or the myriad of other fears that float around, and instead grab your passion, hold on, and change the world. 

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As the sun sets on another day, the question of the day is "Who is in control anyway?" 

As mortals (humans, all that stuff) we are a blip on the radar or less, as we barely even live before we are gone. In the life of the sun we are not even a thought, in the life of God, we are a fraction of a moment. So as we go down the path and consider our sunrises, and sunsets, we have to consider who is in control. So many people think they have it figured out (I am not one of them) and put their trust in their interpretation of control, but many do not see the signs painted right before them.

Consider the old joke about the man who puts his faith in God:

A flood is coming and first a policeman comes to his door. "A flood is coming, you need to come with me" 

"No", the man says, "I have faith that God will save me"

A short time later the area  is flooded to his doorstep and a man comes up in a rowboat and yells, "A flood is coming, you need to come with me"

"No", the man says, "I have faith that God will save me"

As the water rose to his roof the man get to the top of his house, and a helicopter comes. The pilot yells, "A flood is coming, you need to come with me".

"No", the man says, "I have faith that God will save me"

And so the man drowns. 

At the gates of heaven he looks to the lord and asks, "why didn't you save me". The lord softly replies, "I sent a police car, a boat and a helicopter, what else did you have me do?"

Sometimes the path we are given is a path that is not the one we choose. Sometimes it is. Look for the path that ensures your happiness so that one day when you stand before God you can say, "Thank you, you made my life worthwhile and happy and I showed the world how great your love is!"


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It is unfortunate in life that you often do not know what is real and what is not. As I took pictures tonight I was talking to a friend about it and we were musing how different photography has become as we have grown up with it. What once was a major ordeal in a darkroom has become a computerized quickie that can change the world as we view it. Take tonight's sunset, we see the photo above that is real as I took it through the lens, and it is very similar to what I saw. With a little magic it can become this:

The question can become "which is real?". This is true in life as well, as we want to believe in the truth, but often it is just a version of the truth. Remember, the truth does come out, and we should live our truth, each and every day. Live for love, live for happiness, and it will spread all around us, each day, and the world will be a better place for us being here. As the sun sets on another day, the darkness falls, but I know tomorrow it will rise again, with hope and happiness and a possibility of the fairy tale. (We do deserve that you know)

Sleep sweet, enjoy the moon, and the stars beyond.....