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The sun sets on another day.

In my opinion we are the sum of all we have been, all we have experienced, and something a little more. We find often that there are items in our lives we cannot as easily explain, that come from our far past, our family, and things we do not remember. As I drove back this sunset from my fathers house I considered how similar we are and were, though we did not see each other for most of my childhood. Our writing is similar, our thought process on life, similar, and a host of things happened in between that are almost uncanny.

Consider for a moment my father building a campaign to help people (Known as the Solomon Group) where people who can, help just because with no need for compensation, notoriety, or benefit. His work unknown to me 500 miles away I had similar pens made stating EGBAR (Everything's gonna be all right) as a way to cheer people up, remind them they are special and to reach out and help, knowing there may never be any reward, or thought of reward again. Both achieved some level of success, but independently. It was not until recently I even knew his existed, and he never knew of mine.

We do the best we can, every day and should continue to do so and this is what my father and i did independently. So, as today's sun sets and the cool breeze closes in on us all, take a moment and consider what you have done to help those who cannot help themselves, or just to make someone smile when they have no reason, laugh when they feel like crying, and live when they feel like dying. We all can be here for each other, prove it.



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The sun sets on another day. As I sat watching this sunset in 53 degrees thinking about the past, the future, and all the things between I considered the truth. The truth is often overrated with so many people and like the sunset this night we often ride a line to survive, and not consider where we really should be on our lives. As in the movie "The Time Machine" we often do not consider enough of the "what if" and instead convince ourselves of untruths, exaggerations and lies?

Why? Well sometimes we do it just to survive but as often we do it so we can live with our decisions, no matter how poor the y may be. Years ago I worked with a center and found that it is so easy for a person to convince themselves that due to religion, love, or some type of history, that suffering is acceptable. Worse, for whatever reason so many people straddle the line of positive and negative that they really cannot see where one ends and the other begins. When will people understand that there is a finite amount of time we have on this planet, lets say 29000 sunsets worth of it, and we have to be true to ourselves.

I know in my heart I am not perfect, no one is (in my opinion) but I try to treat everyone with the respect they treat me with. Is that not how we all should be? 

By the way, this sunset compliments of lake Michigan on a particularly cold day, today.

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As i walked to the beach on Thursday evening I met a young lady and her daughter and we walked for a while. I was in a hurry to get to the beach before sunset, but slowed my pace a little to enjoy the time. They were on vacation and enjoying Coronado Island as much as I we passed the time for a few blocks talking about how life should be.

I we split and I went to the beach to take a few photos (300 or so) I considered all the people in our lives that rise with us for a moment, only to pass at sunset, never to be seen again.

Many would be sad at this prospect but I feel strongly that if we made someone smile, we have succeeded in changing the world, if only a little. If they made me smile or showed me something new, than I am richer for that moment, and as we move towards 29000 that richness is far more important than any coin or idol.

As of today I could have seen 19491 sunsets, and on Thursday, thanks to Jessica and her daughter (I hope I remembered correctly) I had a good day. Smile everyone, the sun sets, but tomorrow brings new surprises and a new promise of passion for each of us.

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The sun peaks in and out and after days of rain there is now clarity. Isn't it wonderful how clarity can open a persons life and shine a light on it successfully? I suppose it is always interesting how you must be at your lowest before see the light. As the sun sets there is a moment when the sun is lowest and it fills the sky and lights our lives, then promises a new day for all to enjoy. We should all be grateful this is a promise that cannot be broken. 

Remember Psalm 65.8 "The whole earth is filled with awe at your wonders; where morning dawns, where evening fades, you call forth songs of joy." and sing your song of joy at a promise of hope, even at your lowest.