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The sun sets on another day...

For those writers who read from me from time to time, yes, I am taking the liberty of creating a new word. I even worked a little to make sure it would be close to right, if it was not so wrong. An important statement to be sure. 

I drove a lot today. I went to a writing event, sold a few books and came home. That in itself would seem to be a good day, and it was, but there were more pieces of this puzzle like day, more eye opening conversations, more to learn, and more. (Yes, that last more is pretty all encompassing, but more is the only way to say, more)

Meeting people is a treat always. People carry perspectives at all times, born out of their past, their beliefs, their upbringing and maybe a little genetic good stuffed in their for good measure. Today I talked to a series of people that were, well, amazing in many ways, and maybe a few more than many. As I listened I became ingrained into who they were, and tried to understand their points of view. Sometimes it was easy, sometimes it was more challenging. Usually when I had no common ground with their past or their perspective. It is then I engaged something unique, I listened. Sure, I talked, sometimes I talk too much, perhaps in some ways I did today, but I also listened, and perhaps I listened enough to learn about some people, and I enjoyed it along the way.

Do you listen? Do you learn other perspectives? Are you so sure of your perspective it cannot be changed or do you realize there are always other perspectives, other avenues, that could be considered on nearly everything, and maybe a little more? I was lucky today that people wanted to talk, and along the way I think we all learned something, if even that I am a little over the top.

So as the sun sets on another day, pay attention to people. Learn a little, see the perspectives of others, and use those perspectives to open your eyes about others, and maybe learn a little more about yourself. Be that person who isn't afraid to embrace new ideas, and find a way to a little more, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and keep growing...



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The sun sets on another day...

The day started cool, crisp, and over the top beautiful, but the clouds poured in, and the sky threatened all afternoon, only to become nothing at all as twilight fell. 

As writers many people use big words, like existential. A word meaning or defining the interactions with, well, people. Today I had the privilege or sitting with a number of authors. Some I have read, some I have not. We spoke of many things and in the process a pattern emerged, a pattern of people who are trying to tell a story to people. 

The people I was with today defined themselves by their stories. Some were stories that were true, that echoed in the back of my mind. some were stories that were fiction, that resounded powerfully with me, but all of them were interesting from a variety of points of view, all of them showed their hearts, bared their souls, and told a story. Isn't that what we all want to do? We want to tell a story, we want to build a bridge of ideas to let people know experiences or visions. Writers just find a way to do it with words.

I would like to suggest you take a moment, find an author you like, and enjoy their books. Read on, and read be a supporter, and as you achieve a dream, help authors achieve one as well. The dream of entertaining you. Writers create existential interactions to build those same existential interactions. As they do, they become more in touch with their readers, and perhaps understand human nature more.

So as the sun sets on another day, it was a good author day! It was a good day, and it was a great time being with so many talented people. I hope I can be there to help them, and have a little fun along the way, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, read more, and support local authors and bookstores...

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The sun sets on another day...

Sunset this night brought a tear to my eye. The colors meshed with scenery created a picturesque paradise. Then it faded to the twilight sky. I listened, I felt, I heard. The camera I had with me didn't do the sunset justice, but it was there, even though I can only share my words and little more.


Dancing comes from a feeling inside you and perhaps one inside your very soul. Dance is more than moving, it is actually a merger of music, mind, and body that drives the emotions further and takes you a step in a direction of your choosing. Dance can be sublime, or fully of energy, but in the end dance is almost always powerful in some way. I watched people dance tonight, some in harmony induced unison with moves so measured they seemed to be counting together. Some of the dancing was more free, some made me smile, some even made me laugh, but it was all an expression.

I am not a good dancer. I am literally a monster on the dance floor, and i am sure i give hours of laughter to anyone watching. Guess what, i don't mind or even care.  As the music calls to me i am fine with anything as long as i can dance, laugh, and enjoy the music and the moment. As I hear the music I just want to be part of the movement and be lost in the moment. Somewhere along the way i find a slice of peace in the depths of the music. Somewhere between music and movement there is an unending supply of pure passion and perhaps a little more. Maybe that is just me.

Do you dance? 

Can you feel the music as it lays out it's melody in front of you? Do you become entranced by the sounds as they assail you with their tempos and measure? Can you find peace in the depths of yourself and in the music? Think about it. Think about you, and think about you and the music and how they interact. It is worth a moments thought and maybe a little more. 

So as the sun sets on another day I am lost in the music for a while and somewhere deep inside I am at peace not only with myself but with the world. Look for that peace, find that peace, be a part of that peace and make your world complete, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and dance the night away...

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The sun sets on another day...

There is excitement in the air as a movie open with one of the most anticipated sequels ever. It is expected to do more than any other movie ever, and there is so much excitement that the world itself seems about to bust. Couple that with the recent opening of another massive franchise and their final season, and everyone just seems to be living in an age of excitement. I hope so.

There was a commercial a long time ago about a child wanting a toy, the child begged and pleaded, and all the viewer saw was a lighted window. In the end it was an "oh boy" moment when the child got the toy, the lights flickered, and the child said, "that wasn't very fun after all". The excitement was the entire moment, and somewhere it was lost.

It is funny. As I go to the premiere of the movie today, I am sure it will be beyond belief. I am sure there will be people over the top, and I am sure the movie will be good. How many people will go and be disappointed because of all the hype? How many will see the movie and be happy with the outcome? How many people will go just to be a part of something so big?

I have no answers, I can tell you, I am going because I have enjoyed the series, and when I see this I will turn it into a hundred posts because it will have deep meaning, shallow meaning, and a lot in between. My thoughts will be on the enjoyment of the movie and the bigger picture, and in the process I will enjoy every moment of both the movie and the excitement. I suggest we all skip the commercial, and never lose the excitement. I suggest we try as much as we can to stay excited, about everything.

So as the sun sets on another day, I hope you enjoy whatever you are doing tonight as well, and I hope you see past the excitement and actually enjoy everything you so, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and enjoy it...