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 Photo by G Samples

The sun sets on another day...

Sunset was a surprise and was spectacular to say the least. The photo above is from G. Samples as I was driving to a spot and there was no sunset there. As I drove further I saw it but could not get a picture. 

53 years go I met my little sister. She was not anything unexpected, but our relationship became something of an unexpected mystery. Since we had an age difference we did not always see eye to eye. I was focused on a lot of weirdness as a child, and she just wanted to be a part of it all. I had home movies at one time of me taking care of her at a young age, laughing with her, and playing with her.

We grew up at odds often. Like most siblings we liked to irritate each other. Some times were funny, some were good, some were not so good. Times were different when we grew up and all we had were each other. Our family life was often me cooking dinner, putting her to sleep and wondering when our mother and stepfather would get home. Unlike todays soft world my responsibilities for caring for her started when I was 8 and although we sometimes had sitters, more often we did not. This meant that growing up was a series of over the top events. Everything from having flour fights in the kitchen to watching a tornado touchdown near us while we watched from our home alone.

Although we fought, well, a little bit, we would never let anyone attack either of us. She was there for me when I needed her, and I was there for her when she needed me. I could tell stories all day and some of them would make you laugh pretty hard. In the end when she called I would be there, and when I needed her, she would take my side and look for the truth. I remember an ex girlfriend taking me to the cleaners. The girl even turned some people against me by deciding her side of the truth needed to be out there faster. An aunt wrote to me and explained she was on my ex's side. It was not until years later I got the whole story and realized the truth was 180 degrees from what the aunt knew. Pam was there, on my side and even got into a situation protecting my name. By the same token I had some discussions with a few of her boyfriends at her request that eliminated them from bothering her again.

All that and more. Today is her birthday and on this special day I hope she finds a little peace and knows when she needs me, I will be there. I hope she knows that we found a way to become more in a life that gave us very little. We overcame being alone because we had each other. I hope she knows that every day I am proud of her, and though we live far apart, it is never too far.

So as the sun sets on another day, happy birthday little sister and I hope you find peace today. Remember I love you, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and cherish every day...


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The sunsets on another day...

Sunset was full of rain and clouds but it was warmer and I enjoyed the mist falling on my face and laughed as the dogs played in the rain.

Christmas is coming very rapidly. Normally Christmas is my favorite season of the year. I sing Christmas carols year round and for those of you that know me I'm sorry for singing the Christmas carols year round. I honestly believe that the spirit of Christmas should be in your heart 365 days a year.

This year is a bit of a sputter. Covid and the increasing side effects of covid have been horrible. The largest side effect is the unwavering science versus whatever theory.  It is in this that people hate and are manipulated to hate and find no peace in either their hearts or anyone else’s. it made me sad , it makes me sad, it will make me sad.

still I will not let the sputter take away the joy in my heart as Christmas approaches. I will watch my favorite Christmas movies and read A Christmas Carol once more. I will enjoy the moment that I can and try to give each person a little bit of positivity as I can. It is not as if Christmas is any less of a special day it is just that the days around it are oppressive.

How about you? Is Christmas as exciting this year as it has always been? Do you feel the excitement coming towards us all or have you found that some of this has just been more difficult. I can say with  utmost certainty that Christmas is as exciting to me.

Six days left and probably far less now. Let's all wish for a wonderful gift underneath the tree that will lift our spirits and bring us back together. Let's all find the vision to see beyond ourselves and understand more than just our point of view. Oh what a gift that would be.

So as the sunsets on another day I hope that you are enjoying every moment. If you're not I understand. If you are spread the feeling and let's make Christmas a wonderful day no matter what. Sleep sweet, love life, and be all that you can be...



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The sun sets on another day...

Sunset is coming, and I am writing this before it comes, yes, I am strange.

I was thinking today a great deal about all the assumptions we make in life. It's hard to get that across to people and even harder to explain to people their assumptions are often baseless and instead create situations where we suffer more than we solve. Assumptions without reason can even be quite embarrassing.

Maybe we need to stick to exactly what we know. Maybe we need to pay attention instead of chattering on when we shouldn't. After all shouldn't we all really want to know more about each other? I find myself asking that question a lot. I find myself wanting to know more about others then to hear the sound of my own voice.

If you only knew the people of the world and listen to them perhaps you would learn. If you only knew how to listen instead of talk perhaps you would know. If you only knew yourself as well as you think you do perhaps you would be enlightened.

So as the sunsets on another day maybe it's time to listen. Maybe it's time to pay attention to more than just the meanderings in our own minds and instead try to understand others. Maybe it's time to let go of anger and other emotions that are negative and focus on the positive. Try to listen and understand, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and listen...

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The sun sets on another day...

Sunset was, well, I hate to say it, here it comes, yes, it is right here, sunset was, umm, cloudy. I know, a big buildup for nothing. (It happens)

I started with a huge article that ended up being to convoluted and too complex for tonight. As I did so I was assailed by two dogs that wanted nothing more than to play. Wouldn't that be nice. To be able to play all the time with the animals and just have fun. It was good fun, then I wrote, then I scrapped it and wrote again.

I did so because it is not a time to be too serious, instead lets just have a little fun, and enjoy the moments. Along the way, why not laugh a little at a silly dog or two. After all, the world is a better place because of it. In the end, I will make this short. Enjoy your night, laugh a little, and take time for the right things so you can enjoy them.

So as the sun sets on another day, animals can make your day far more complete. Enjoy them all the time, and laugh a lot as you go. It is worth your while, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and hi there!