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The sun sets on another day...

Another day has passed, the simple gears they churn

Another day has past, and still the world turns

Another day has past, we saw the setting sun

Tomorrow is another day, tomorrow will be as fun

 The sunset upon my return to the state was simply awesome. Who could have asked for more? Well, maybe 80 degrees, sunny and a nice pool, but I wasn't counting on that. I like where I am, even with the cold. How can you truly appreciate the warm if you don't have a little cold? How can you think everything is amazing if you don't know when it is not? 

Yes, I know, it sounds like a country song that you play forward then backwards over and over until suddenly you are quiet, but there is always a tune somewhere in your mind driving you forward, right? In the movie Scream they ask "What's your favorite scary movie?" but I think people should be asked, ""What's your favorite song? because songs play in our heads a little more than movies.

Sometimes I wish I had a cool favorite song, but I have so many clustered in my head I am never sure which one to consider the favorite. Everything from Harry Nilssons "Remember" to "Hero" by Enrique Inglesis run through my head with hundreds of Christmas songs, and lots of other stuff to consider. It can be a bit over the top to say the least. A long time ago I considered, which comes first the music or the mood, and with me, it is pretty much interchangeable. The mood can make the music, or the music can build the mood. In the end, both make days a better place.

So what are you humming to yourself now? What song is making your day a better day? Don't have one, listed to your heart and I am sure one will come out.

So as the sun sets on another day, it is a good day, maybe even a great day and there are songs all about, we can get our rhythm in the night and be the best by finding points of authority and making our day better by teaching the world to sing, and in the end, it will all be good. Smile, laugh, but find a song, and when you do, sing, sing a song, and make the whole world sing along. It could be that each. 

Sleep sweet, listen to your heart, and smile as the night goes by...



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The sun sets on another day...

I like the idea of linear time. Mainly because that is how we see time, but partially because time can be so many things to so many people and it just keeps marching on. I have talked about this a few times here. 

Let's all take a moment and look at things in a non-linear way for a moment. Ready? Take a deep breath and think of all that happened or will happen or is happening is right now. (I know, this is weird but follow with me).  Let's see how many things are going on, have gone on, will go on, that are far more than just linear moments. Take a second, consider how life passes, we are born, grow up, laugh and love, then grow old, but all of those things we see linear we are now looking at with our non-linear eyes. The good, bad and indifferent melded into one thing, that thing called us. Be a part of all of it, well, all that you know at least. 

If we were aware of all the things we are doing, would our linear decisions be any different. Can we truly look at anything in a cynical manner if we see our childhood at the same time. (Or can we be positive at all if we look at our childhood if we had a rough childhood)  Can we not take our wisdom from our later self and help our childhood self be more? There are questions upon questions but the simple answer is, would we be able to handle non-linear knowing that we are at all times all of the time? (If that doesn't make sense, reread it, it really does in there somewhere)

Yes, yes, I know, it is a strange little excursion but come back to linear time for a moment. Consider how you saw yourself in the past, can you see things that you are thankful for that perhaps were overlooked? See how you see the future? Do you dare overlook anything? I know I try not to at all. As we focus on our present we need to be aware of the past and the future, not dwelling in either, but aware, if we were non-linear, it would be different, but we are linear, so we need a little help.

This week has been very sublime for me, and it has given me a lot of time to think in the sun and wave and as I thought I was thankful for all the good and bad I have been through in life. Not because it was fun, but because it helped shape me into who I am. Ask yourself: who are you? Are you who you want to be, or is who you may be better? Isn't it time to talk to them work through it, and become the best you can be? If there was no time maybe we would see that there is less time than we think, but since there is time, what if you only had 29000 sunsets, and those moments were counting down each day? Interesting or ridiculous? Up to you. 

So as the sun sets on another day, take a second, maybe think about your past, present, and future you. Perhaps you can make a better you if you consider each one, and in the process find a path that works, not just for the linear now, but for the non linear you. It is worth a try. Remember, you are the center of your universe and I would like to think you are pretty darn awesome. Believe in yourself and be more every day, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, live for today, but see yesterday and tomorrow always while you are living today...


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The sun sets on another day...

I will give you ample warning, this one may be rough, or it might not. Just be forewarned there will be a glimpse of me in all of the words that follow.

IF you have never met me now, I am a bit confident, maybe a bit over the top, and pretty much have minimal fears in life. My life was not always so. As I grew up I did not have the perfect childhood. By the time I was 10 I had seen things I will never forget, even if I tried. As I turned the corner on teenage years I had been beaten up so many times It could not easily be fathomed. I was tall, but not experienced. My sister and I pretty much faced the world alone, and there were always obstacles that others could not understand.

When I turned 14 my life changed even more. I bought my first comic book and I saw a beating I should not have ever seen. They affected me different ways. I did not know anything about comics at the time and bought X-Men issue 101. I immediately got caught up in the characters and expanded to other comics. X-men became a monthly walk to the convenience store, and I was fascinated by the people as much as the powers and stories. These could have been real people with real problems, and they tried so hard not to use force, but often had to do so.

At the same time I spent my summers in Michigan cutting wood with my Grandfather, I learned to shoot and found I had a talent for it, and learned a lot more. Inside the comics, and the ideas behind them had helped me to decide to never be a victim again. My point of this whole line of thinking is it wasn't a video game or a movie or a person, but a series of comic books and a mass of ideas that opened my mind to possibilities. I have spent a lot of time since then trying to help others see a different perspective of life. Either in person, in my writing, or as I can.

Stan Lee's world may have seemed to be a fantastic world of powerful heroes, but I saw it as a fantastic world where we could all be heroes if we took a chance. A world where every man (Or woman, I was using man a a global descriptor here) had a voice, and the strong protected those that needed it, and the bullies did not win. Stan lee gave people hope in hopeful and hopeless times, and made the world a place where standing out was something necessary. He also gave us an old adage that was rekindled for everyone to consider, "with great power comes great responsibility."

What is your power? What can you do to help the world? Is it something massive and wonderful, or sublime and there for all to see. Do you try to help, or wait for help to find you? I only ask because I know that inside of you is the power to do anything if you try, anything within reason that is, and maybe a few things that are not so reasonable. Maybe if we all listen to the overwhelming power of Stan Lee, we can be a part of a better world, a greater world. A world that is safe because we are in it. It made a difference in my life, and years after my first comic, when faced with a difficult choice, I chose to help someone instead of walking by.

So as the sun sets on another day, Stan Lee is now gone. He will be with us forever with his force of heart, and his amazing stories that inspired many. I hope you can take a moment and remember that you too are a hero, and Stan Lee believed in us all. Believe in yourself, and make the world a better place because you can, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and get back up every time...

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The sun sets on another day...

The rain peeked in and out, sometimes slow, sometimes fast, but always there. At times the shifting of the speed reminded me of driving a stick shift car, and I smiled as I felt the rain fall upon me.

I get a kick out of driving a stick shift. Well, maybe more than a kick. There is something about being immersed in the process so much that you become a part of it. In driving a car a stick can give you control you did not think possible, on a motorcycle you truly become a part of the machine you are riding. I remember teaching my children how to drive a stick, sometimes they did good, sometimes they ground the gears trying to shift right. The trick was for them to keep trying until they too felt as though they were part of the machine. I am sure this is true with all vehicles automatic and manual, but shifting gears make you truly feel like you are part of the process. 

In our day to day we should do the same. Not just let life come and go, but be so immersed in the moments that we actually become a part of them. We have the ability to feel the smooth riding and the grinding gears in life, why don't we pay attention? Why is it that so many people look for other reasons or people to blame for what happens? Why can't we take a moment and realize that for all we do, it is up to us? It is my opinion that people do not take enough time sometimes to realize who is driving their lives. The answer should be, you are driving your life. Many people may suggest differently, but at the core, the base of it all, you should be driving your life.

I know there are some that would disagree. I understand. It is easier to blame others that to look in the mirror. Maybe we need to take just a moment or two and take stock of who we are, what we do, and how we are shifting our gears to make sure we are on the right path. After all, we don't get many chances or many paths in life, and being on the right path is pretty important. Maybe you have it all figured out. Maybe you shift your gears in life like a super Nascar driver. If that is you, why not help someone else. If it is not, well, if you need help, ask. Don't grind the gears, make each day a smooth ride, no mater what.

So as the sun sets on another day, I hope your day is a smooth ride. I hope you feel the power of who you are, that engine you are shifting gears for. Make today your day, and shift into a higher gear to make it better and better. Then smile for a moment, and laugh, and make the world a better place not just because it is there, but because you are in it. You are the best solution for your life, be the solution that make it right every day.

Sleep sweet, love life, and shift to fifth...