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The sun sets on another day...

The windows blow softly to the east as the clouds threaten for a winter storm, and a sly sun sneaks out for a moment and defies those clouds to say hello, only to be hidden away again. The constant struggle between light and dark connected but not the same.

I read a book once called "Liars and Outliers" by Bruce Schneider. In it there were a serious number of "aha" statements that were explained quite nicely, but something I took away was the symbiosis of man. I am taking it a little further, or perhaps not, but I feel strongly that there is a symbiosis between all of us that interact. A common thread that ties us in a massive chaos math problem that only a few can see, and fewer solve.

So whats that mean? An ad floating around at the end of many TV shows asks. Simple, we are all stuck together. If you do something, it may likely affect you. If you don't, it may likely affect you. Ina  more pointed manner, pay attention to what you do, as it reflects on you. (Funny, that is a song in the musical Lost Horizon that always stuck with me too!)

What do we need to do? Pay attention to the world. Like it or not you are not in your own little silo, and even if you go so far off the grid that you make your own toilet paper from sawdust, there are ripples made by you, and that affect you, each and every day. Sorry, we are a little stuck together.

It is my opinion this is where karma comes from because eventually, it gets back to us. Eventually I would like to hope we are rewarded for the good, and the bad affects us as well. So find a way towards the good, it is better that way.

So as the sun sets on another day, sure. If you kick yourself your neighbor won't feel it, but we all have some affect on everyone else. Let's lead good lives and forge a path that shows we are in this together. A Pseudo Symbiotic race to an always elusive finish. Let's be good people, and in doing so help a few others live well too. It is a strange thought, but a nice one nonetheless. Be a good example, and do it often, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, be a little happy, a love to the moon and back, and the stars beyond...





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The sun sets on another day...

What day is it? It is today! What kind of day is it? A super day? Why? Because you are you!

You know, that sounds so trite to some people but if you take a second you can see that it isn't. This day is a super day not because of one thing or another, it is a super day because you are you! Why would ti be any different? You are the best person you can possibly be, and as you move forward, the world is better or worse because of you!

So why change? That is a good question. If the center of your universe is you, why would you need to change. Why not adapt or mesh or work with people rather than changing. Why not find the right people, places, and things to make your life better? Seems so simple right?

I read a post from someone who made a statement about how they had to be involved in something and that was a deal breaker. Why aren't we looking at life as a series of prerequisites instead of compromises? I know I know, we have to weigh things all the time, but in reality if you change for someone, or something, you have to work to change back at a later time. Why in the world do we do that?

Let's all take a second and take stock of who we are, who we want to be, and be that person. Let's stop being other people for the sake of other people and live a super life. (Disclaimer- As long as we don't hurt other people or hurt ourselves.)

So as the sun sets on another day take a second and when someone asks how you are, just say you are "being me" and if you had to change working on becoming you again, after all, you are pretty special, don't let anyone take that away from you.

Sleep sweet, love life, and live it every day...

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The sun sets on another day...

I sat outside tonight looking at the stars. The belts of Orion stared back at me, and the big dipper was barely visible from the winter sky, lost behind a maze of pine trees. Yeah, it was crisp, well, maybe cold, well, maybe bone numbing, or maybe not because there was a little more.

I have now rewritten this post a dozen times. It starts good, then gets a little preachy and negative, then I turn it around, then I smile and delete a bunch. It is this last time that will be the charm.

It is cold outside, but my heart is warm. Why? Well, there are so many things to be thankful for daily, you just have to sit back and enjoy them. If it seems like I giggle or laugh right now it is because it is funny. There is so much to be wildly thankful for, the other things just don't really matter.

I know I know, there are things that, well, hmm, suck would be a good word. Today though I will overcome and make those things better. Today will be today again tomorrow, and I know that there is no better day than today, even if yesterday was good.

Too much?

Probably, but if you consider, there are always things we should be thankful for. Tonight, as I stared at the stars and threw the Frisbee one more time and saw the white busy tail bound off into the woods, I knew today was great. So take a second, and be thankful for all you have and all that is you, and in the process, enjoy the evening. 

So as the sun set son another day, today is a great day, you know it is, well at least it is a good day. Be that person that sees the depth of the day, and enjoys the moments they can because, umm, because the can. Smile at the stars in the night, and have some fun no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and love life some more...



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The sun sets on another day...

It was not truly a sunset today that could be seen, but the gaze of ice over much of the landscape gave the world a glistening almost surreal look, and as day passed to night the world sparkled with nervous energy.

Let's be straight and honest. I have gotten many comments, emails, and other items that say we all have bad days. I have been challenged as to how you can stay positive even in the face of a day that s not so good. Trust me, I have had some not so good starts to days. Sometimes you wake up and the world is pressing in, after all there are many responsibilities in life and they make themselves known. Sometimes an event hits hard or a person take the wind from your sails or or or.....


That is exhausting all on its own.

Let's back out of that mess and try to be a little more positive. What we need is some comfort. Sounds tough? Let's see.

In a moment, close your eyes. Not yet, you won't be able to read. 

  • When you close your eyes, consider all the positives you have in your life. Not the things, the money, the stuff, but the people.
  • When you close your eyes, set aside the negative people in your life and think about those people that made you who you are today, family, friends, a special mentor, those people that shaped you into the positives of today.
  • When you close your eyes set aside those emotions that caused you distress and think about feelings, and passion and all the time that you felt the warmth of love deep inside of who you are now and who you have been.
  • When you close your eyes, set aside those memories that keep you from trying and realize that every negative you experienced in your life lead you towards a positive, every failure is a step in the chain of success.
  • When you close your eyes, breathe, and feel the life rush into you, moment by moment.

I want to say close your eyes right now and go to it, but wait until the end. 

Each day we have a choice. We can let the world overcome us, or we can overcome the world. Each day we have an opportunity to rise above, and personally I make a choice each day to rise above it all. Not because I have a perfect life, not because I am some overly happy person, but because the negatives parts of our lives just don't matter as much. Sure, your car breaks down it is not pleasant, but don't let it ruin your day. Sure, someone treats you poorly, why bother with letting it get you down. Sure, someone dumps you, treats you bad, your mail is lost, your phone doesn't work, all transient.

Be that person who steps beyond. BE that person that remembers the fun in life, laughs at it, lives it, and makes the day better. Find a way to be better and better each day.

So as the sun sets on another day, it is almost time to close your eyes, almost time to breathe, almost time to remember those you love and those who love you, almost time. Take a moment, feel it all around you, and don't let go, (and yes, I am going to say it)no matter what. 

Sleep sweet, let go of the negative, and it's time to close your eyes and breath...