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The sun sets on another day...

Morning. The fog so thick you can cut it easily. The ground wet with the fallen clouds dew. I walk outside and feel the light mist on my face and then am overcome. The scent of dozens of new roses are invigorated by the mist, and all I can smell is the scent of a rose. So many memories.

I have loved roses since I was 14. That was a long time ago. I found later that my father loved roses as well, but for a different reason. Mine is a little like my posts each day, random and potentially thoughtful.

When I was 14 I moved again. I was not very involved in the move, I spent a long time at my Grandmothers and came back to a new home with boxes in a room, and half my things discarded. This was normal in our nearly yearly moves. the move was all that was important, neither my sister or I were considered in the equation. Depressing? Perhaps, but we tried to take it in stride. (And this is not part of the story.)

So I was once again given the job of mowing the yard and this house, the one we took this time, was more than a mess. A long time of obvious neglect had made it thick with weeds and unruly at best, hazardous would be more like it.I took my time because I had to, the small red Briggs lawnmower nearly stalled for each foot I made process, and the mounds of mulched grass were piled like I was going to bail them later, but I continued. When I got to one side of the yard I encountered a massive thorn bush. It was nearly 8 feet across and was thick and had areas with vines almost three inches at their base., the grass was thinner because of the overwhelming thicket of thorns, so I just mowed around it, and when I was finally done, the yard looked better, but still the pile of thorns was there. They did not look bad, nor did they look good, they were just there. I thought the thorns were pretty cool, but I had no time to deal with them, school started and it was a new school, no friends, new rules, and a lot of things to think about. I did my work, went with it, and just kept mowing and weeding around the giant thorn bush when I was home. My hands became lightly scarred with the cuts from the giant thorns, but it was OK in my mind. I could deal with it.

School was difficult, not academically, I was so far ahead I was bored all the time. The school system was very different and I had been in special classes in my previous state because of a test I took. What was difficult was the rules. Where I knew the rules in my previous school, I now was faced with people who were very different. A few became friends, and a few were definitely not. I dealt with it day by day, but one day I was put in a difficult position. A friend I had made, Tim, was being picked on by several people. Two boys had him against a locker and were hurting him, and I could not stand by. I walked into the middle and pulled Tim out while dealing with the two. I will not bore you with details as that is another story.

The situation done I left that day sad and angry. Why were people so mean? Why did we have to come to this place? I was full of hate and anger and well, rage. I did not know what to do with it and as I arrived home the lawn once again needed mowing. I mowed it with renewed vigor this time, an almost massive need to conquer more. It was not long until I had finished and as I puled up to the massive thorn bush I felt my anger well up. All the pain it causes could be eliminated, all the pain needed to be gone.

I began at the side and the mower started ripping the thorn bush down, I went from all sides one at a time and worked in. All the while the mower chewed it up in a methodical manner like a small fish eating a shark. I felt the thorns bounce against my pants as they too were chewed up by the rapidly moving blades. As I got to the center, I lifted the mower and left it slowly descend on the huge bases, and that too was chewed up. I remember it seemed like hours as I destroyed the thorn bush, utterly and completely. It was done. It was a mess, but it was done. I would pull the roots out another time as the clouds were thickening around me. I put the mower away and went inside as the storm rolled in on the area.

It rained for days, and I was calmer after my outburst protecting Tim. I was given wide berth at school, and Tim was being left alone, and I would not have to live with the thorns anymore. I did not think about the bush until nearly a week later. It was time to mow again, the rain had overgrown everything. I got out the mower and finished the front quickly. In the back where a thorn bush had been there were now dozens upon dozens of roses. They were bright red and some had opened, and many were ready to open. The smell was overpowering. I took a minute and looked, all of the thorns were there, but the new growth was much more compact and succinct, and most of the growth came from the massive center stalk. I carefully mowed around the bush, and smiled for a moment realizing that out of the pain and chaos there could be something good, you just have to sometimes make a mess to make it better. I spent hours with the roses and learned more and more. I was careful and cut it back a little when it needed, and when we left for another house, the bush was magnificent and beautiful. I miss that bush to this day, but never forget it.

So, as the sun sets on another day, there are simpler ways of saying a person likes roses, but this morning as I smelled the fragrances of red, yellow and lavender, I thought of this day and of people I knew so long ago, and how my life is better because of it. Take a moment and realize, the days are better sometimes if you take a moment and cut things down, who knows what will grow back. In my case, it was a rose bush.

Sleep sweet, love life, and stop to smell the roses...




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The sun sets on another day...

One of the reasons I like diamonds so much is the reelections in the facets, so many colors and so few predictable ones. Tonight, as with light in a diamond, the sunset was beautiful and striking, and after sunset, another light show at the fountains in Grand Haven. Two light shows and both are free.

It is sometimes hard to get across to people how unique they are. People loom for commonalities and like to compare themselves to everyone else and places like Facebook perpetuate the idea that everyone is in some type of competition. We are not. What is great for me may not be great for anyone else on the planet, and that is ok. What is great for someone else, well, it too may be dissimilar. It is amazing to think how unique every person is, and how unique the world is upon that. So instead of playing on the phone for a minute, pay attention to those people around you, and enjoy their diversity. Laugh with a few, cry with a few, but be a part of the world that is as full of diversity as the facets of a few billion diamonds. Pay attention, learn, and enjoy the ride.

So, as the sun sets on another day, step back, smile, and laugh a  little. Enjoy the moments, and laugh heartily at everything you see as you look at its fun side. Have an amazing eve, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, smile a little, and laugh the night away...

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Photo by Steve Nowak

The sun sets on another day...


They can move mountains, and move people. They came tame a hear or destroy it. They can overcome any adversity, or create a wall no man can tear asunder.

I am often amazed at how the power of words is used. It is sometimes cold and calculated, sometimes whimsical and loose, and sometimes devious and detrimental, and a lot more, but always words can open a world to anyone willing to write, listen, read or speak. A simple word can open or close doors, and the sound of silence can do the same.

I am hopeful my words get out to some people from time to time. Sure, I look at statistics and views, and if I am to believe those I should be happy, but all I would really like is for people to smile, and for the moments to be opened and maybe, just maybe, people to see the world from a slightly different point of view.

I know of no one who is right all the time, nor wrong all the time, but the introduction of new opinions is all that really matters, right? If we all believe the same, what a boring world that would be.

Funny huh? No, not funny, just eye opening. Words can move mountains, open eyes, entertain, cause fear, cause strife, cause social unrest, cause peace, create worlds, and much more. Hmmm.

So, as the sun sets on another day. Consider your words well. They can be your greatest gift. Use them wisely. Create a place for those around you that is positive, not negative. Use your words to lift people up, not take them down, and if you take a moment, lift up those that are negative about you. Use your words wisely, and remember, for those of us that write, if you can't get the positives out of being positive, write someone in your next book and throw them off a cliff (in the book). Take your words and make them wonderful, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and live it every day...

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The sun sets on another day...

It was an interesting day. The sky could not decide if we would have rain or shine. In the end, the shine won and the sunset was beautiful, colorful, and full of music.

As I listened to music at an outdoor concert I hear an artist speak about how we come in the same, but we leave different. I have stated this many times but it was interesting to hear it as a song. 

When we are brought into this world we are at the ultimate equal, a blank slate until we breathe our first breaths. That is where we diverge. We are experience after experience until we leave this world, and no two people have the same experiences, hence no two people are the same.

It sounds easy, but all the things we talk about and try to deal with are in trying to communicate that we will find common ground, communicate, and make life work better. We can't necessarily understand another persons point of view unless we have a similar experience, or it is not easy.

Again, sounds depressing. Maybe that's why we need to talk about things, and learn about people, and consider loving people more, and really really give life a chance. I guess that is why I try to learn so much, so maybe I can have some point of reference.

So, as the sun sets on another day, listen to some music, enjoy a few moments, and live each day to its fullest. I know that after today I have a lot of thoughts to consider, I guess music does open your mind. Listen to some Air Supply, and enjoy the tunes. When you do, consider how we can always be better and talk to people, listen to people, and learn from people. It may make the world better.

Sleep sweet, love life, and have fun with it!