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The sun sets on another day...

Sunset was once again dark and cloudy but I again felt happy at the proposition of the light show going on far above me.

A lot of people talk about reading between the lines. It's an old expression born out of The possibility of invisible ink between printed word on pages sent to others. The meaning is clear if you think about that but today reading between the lines is more about the implied and the ephemeral and those things that you don't have written down. It is about that little bit extra that you weren't expecting that was being said even though it wasn't really there.

I know that sounds horribly confusing, but it makes sense if you think about it. A great many people in their conversations with little dramatic statements like “or else” or “you know” and those things imply far more than they say.  In fact if you don't read between the lines anymore a lot of times you can't even find out what's going on simply because there is more unsaid than is said. who cares right?

Well I'm pointing this out today because I try to be relatively direct. I write each day and try to keep everything up to date so that each day there's something new to read. Last week I had to repair PHP before I could post this last batch But usually I try to post and try to show at least one person something.

When I started 29,000 sunsets it was to help give my kids a reference and other people a place that they could go to see a little paragraph that might be uplifting. Now , several million hits later, I write for the fun of it but pretty much to do the same thing. My point is that if you think anything I write is about you please read between the lines and realize it's probably about my kids or about some of you that are close to me and sometimes something that someone has written to me or sent into me. Still if you ask me I'll tell you if it's about you or if it's not about you. I have to admit did some of my short stories were inspired by people who had inspired me or deflated me. Either way my purpose was to think through an issue or create a unique world based on one of my experiences. Here I just want people to see beyond.

So as the sun sets on another day I hope you read between the lines and realize I'm just trying to make everybody's day a little better and along the way have a little fun, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and it's all you...

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The sun sets on another day…

Ever notice how good things come in 10s?  Probably not. That's mainly because good things can come in any number or flavor or color. The idea that good or bad things come in a number is pretty funny to me.

Well maybe. I have found that I usually sneeze in threes. If I sneeze more or less, it usually means that I'm fighting something off and trying not to be sick. I have found that a pair of socks works better than one. And I have found that one really is the loneliest number unless you're trying to get something done and then one makes it easier.

The only reason I bring this up it's because I've talked to several people who expects things to come in pairs or groups of numbers and quote some old superstition on how it's supposed to work. Sorry I'm not a big believer.

From a statistical point of view every situation is a new situation with a new series of results and can't be compared to any other situation. This is why somebody who plays the lottery with the same numbers every day thinking they will eventually win has obviously not taken statistics. There is no correlation between one drawing to the next so it cannot be considered as part of a global whole. By the same token your life is a series of events they don't necessarily correlate to each other. Of course, some do. Having a child means that you will have certain responsibilities. Having a pet instead of a child means that you will have different responsibilities but for the life of those events there will be some things in your life that have changed. The truth is no two lives are like and no two situations can be measured by two similar situations other than anecdotally.

I think we're back to who cares. All I can say is overtime I think about some pretty ridiculous things and this was one of them. It may mean that I can't find a four-leaf Clover any faster or that money won't come falling out of the trees, but it could also mean today is a good day and I just need to enjoy it. Maybe I can have 10 good days in a row not because I'm asking for them but just because I make them that way. It's worth considering.

So as the sun sets on another day, why don't we consider that sometimes the number of times doesn’t matter, and we just need to work towards doing the right thing. Maybe if we work towards doing the right thing and being happy, we'll have some fun and along the way enjoy our life, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love to the moon and back, and love little more it's worth it...

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The sun sets on another day...

Have you ever actually sat down and considered all the words that we use every day? Have you ever actually sat down and thought about how your words affect other people?

Today I had to consider how I interpreted words on a daily basis. After having a discussion, I realized that I was building preconceived notions about words as they were being said. As I considered that I realized that I was almost prejudicial in my interpretation of words not necessarily based on the person but based on my past determination of words and meaning.

Now that's not completely my fault. We all build our vocabulary based on reading or speaking to others. I will be one of the first to admit that I have read far more than I have spoken to people and in doing so I have situational prejudice More than I have tonal prejudice of words. If you add a couple of bad experiences with people who speak “sideways” then interpretation becomes very difficult.

Who cares right?

When you use words like prejudice people get a little numb nowadays. If you realize that all it means is developing a preconceived notion based on past experience or lack of past experience, then you have to shift the entire way that you think. I believe fully I will eventually overcome some of my ways of interpreting words, but I also know that when some people say things they truly do say them with avarice in their hearts. A situation that comes to mind is if you are intentionally trying to negate someone statement weather in jest or in the seriousness and that statement may be true with the information you have at hand you are being combative no matter what words you say. A lot of people see this as being sarcastic, but you can as easily see it as being vocally combative.

Perhaps the solution is considering the words that you're about to say and the subject you're about to say them too. For example, you would not talk about having a bad hair day to someone who has no hair. By the same token you should not undermine a person's opinion unless you are absolutely certain your opinion is without flaw.

Sounds easy doesn't it? It's not. All I can say is something that I read so many years ago and now give to you: “be careful what you say, make your words sound soft and sweet, for you don't know from day to day, which ones you'll have to eat.” (and yes, I have used the other ending to that, “which ones I'll make you eat”, oh well)

So as the sun sets on a fantastic day let's consider our words and enjoy our moments and in the end let's try to have the best day that we can and give others a good day too. I believe you can do it no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and happy day...

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The sun sets on another day...

Tonight's sunset was less than perfect for the naked eye. I knew, however, the sunset above was amazing as always if not more so. I knew that the sunset always closes the day on a near perfect note.

I sat for a little while today and just thought about the last 40 days or so. A lot has happened, and many people would look at it as a horrible series of events. As I sat considering it I decided it was a horrible series of events and there are still some to come but still overall it has been a series of positives as well.

Instead of whining I just decided to sigh, take a moment, and enjoy what I could. Sure, there are some things that are bad. Sure, there are some things that are devastating. Still tomorrow is another day and today I have the opportunity to make things right. Today I will do all I can to have a good day and in the end I may just have to sigh once or twice but laugh and smile a lot more.

So as the sun sets on another day, let's stop for a moment and be thankful that we can sigh. Let's stop for a moment and realized the world is what we make of it. Make it a good day, no matter what.

Sleep sweet , love life, and it's OK to sigh...