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The suns sets on another day...

I have always believed that we survive most effectively when the fires of our passion eliminate the clouds that surround us. As the sun shines so brightly it burns away the fog, our passion should shine so strongly it burns away the fogs in our life. We have fogs in our life? Usually these are (In my experience) brought on by the negatives we experience. The people who purposefully try to bring us down, degrade situations or just plain are not very nice. Sometimes these people are so heavily trying to protect themselves that they believe their own untruths, those are the people that say "I can do better..." or "I was going to but I..." and items that are spoken from an authoritative point of view without both sides present. (Scary stuff right?) we also face those situations that are less than pleasant (oh the list is long, but illustrious) with everything from disaster to vacation on it. (Yes vacations can be stressful, see every Captain Obvious Commercial)

In the end we have the passion and perseverance to overcome even the biggest fogs just by staying positive and being positive every day. Even when the world crushes down, don't let it get to you, move on, move up, and find a way to be happy, simply because...(wait for it)...you can do better!

So as the sun sets on another day, let your positive attitude and passion shine away the fogs of your life, and create a situations that just is amazing for you and those around you, each and every day. Remember, those situations and people who are less than positive, well, they will be resolved, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, enjoy the moment, and smile, just smile...

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The sun sets on another day,
it does so with power and presence,
unwavering for all time,
never wavering in decision,
knowing the next day, it would be back again.

I came across a funny poster today that said "We could all learn something from the indecisive squirrel that tried to cross the road...". I had seen the poster and memes before, but it really hit me as funny today, and made me laugh a lot. A lot of times we don't make good decisions, and in the process of missing that good decision, we make a decision by not making a decision at all. It is true, not making a decision is a decision within itself, and we need to be aware that each time we avoid our paths, whether good or bad, we take the chance of causing issues by not making a decision.

Sounds confusing, I know, but make your way, follow the sun, and be the person you should be, all the time.

So as the sun sets on another day, remember that life is a series of adventures and make the decision to live as many as you can, no matter what...

Sleep sweet, wake up, enjoy life, wash, rinse repeat, spin, dry, and have fun!


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The sun sets on another day...

Proverbs tells us "A person's wisdom yields patience; it is to one's glory to overlook an offense"

Many other sayings suggest similar. So where do we get wisdom? Some people feel it is from age, but I know many people far older than I that are not wise. Some say it is from faith, but whose faith gives wisdom and where do we define such? I feel it is from experience, where understanding gives way to common ground and allows a person to see beyond themselves, beyond a situation and instead to the center of an issue, and in that we find wisdom and patience.

One things we do not see from wisdom is arrogance, A wise person can see their worth and not need to define it, where a lesser person would define themselves for themselves. In my opinion it is too often true that those who feel they are wise, are not, and those that are wise, well, they are not out for personal gain but instead are defining others, sacrificing for those that need it, and perhaps sacrificing of themselves when it seems they shouldn't. The wise person may see a bigger picture.

I remember a Steven Seagal movie long ago where an elder is talking to the Steven Seagal character and says he is a bear. Seagal's character replies he is not a bear, but instead he is a mouse. The elder says that is exactly what a bear would say.

I have a friend who is quiet and reserved all the time, he is ultra intelligent and I think if he ever went on Jeopardy he would amaze the world and slaughter the competition. (Except maybe in movies). He is one of the most patient listeners I have ever known, and never forces his knowledge or experience, but instead  passively listens, and makes a difference by gently guiding and understanding. He must be patient, after all, he puts up with my silliness. It is in people like him that the future can be defined, for they will listen and hear, and perhaps understand more than politicians and zealots, knowing a larger picture, and perhaps leading us there.

Sorry, for the long treatise.

So as the sun sets on another day, seek experience to gain wisdom, live truth and not a lie, tell the truth whenever you are asked, and remember, there is always another side.

Sleep sweet, and be aware of you, because you are special.


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The sun sets on another day...

The sun and moon give us a lot, combine it with the rotation of the earth, gravity and thousands other variables, and you get the wind. I studied Chaos for a while and learned how complex life can truly be as so many things affect each other. Chaos is used a lot in weather as the slightest change can change an ecosystem more than slightly.

So too it is true with us. We have many limits, physical, mental, emotional, and a lot of them are self imposed, while some are not. It is a daily struggle to determine ones own limits and abilities, or a daily delight. Perhaps we need to strongly consider how limitless we truly are as we consider our limits. (ha ha, too many uses of the word limit)

Maybe just maybe we should all take a moment and consider how many people we affect each day and what effect we have on them, then consider our limits again, and overcome them.

I realize this is just touching the tip of the iceberg, perhaps someday I will write a huge treatise on it as there is so much to consider. Perhaps.

So as the sun sets on another day, consider the limits of the wind, your limits, and how you can truly become the limitless person you truly are in life.

Sleep sweet, love life, and be limitless...