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The sun sets on another day...

Three days until Christmas, three days. 

Contrary to popular belief I sometimes read and research my posts for the day, and today I read quite a bit about the three wise men who were sent to welcome Jesus to the world. What I found today is there are lots of different stories including those of the mysterious Magi. 

Several articles also noted the manger was probably one of the warmest and nicest places that you could give someone, which is not how it was presented, but OK.

Anyway, instead of going down that path, lets consider a few things that you should be thankful for with three days before Christmas. I will suggest a few:

  • Be thankful for your family, and even though it may seem like they are a pain sometime, they are the people you can count on (well usually)
  • Be thankful for the people you work with, they can support you (well usually) 
  • Be thankful for those you love, as they give you purpose
  • Be thankful for those who love you, they help to define your life

Mostly, be thankful for the life that runs through your veins. Take time, love every day,and every moment, and make the world a better place.

Tomorrow will be a new day, well, it should be a new day, make it better than the day before, until your life is everything it should be, and more.



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The sun sets on another day...

There are some people in life that bring you to new heights. Those people open your heart and show you a new way to see life. Sometimes it lifts you high and keeps you there, sometimes it opens your mind in other ways, but always it enhances your life. Sometimes it is a person who goes overboard on their Christmas decorations to make our nights better.

With four days left to Christmas, be thankful for those people who have shown you a higher plane, and have given you love, passion and shown you life, no matter the cost.

Smile, Christmas is upon us, and it will be wonderful, no matter what.


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The sun sets on another day...

There are five days left until Christmas. We should all be happy that we have achieved so much in a year, and not sad about all we have lost. Let's take a moment and take stock in the wonderful gifts we have been given, and live for truth.

One of my favorite quotes is "The truth may hurt for a while, but a lie hurts forever."

I have known many honorable people in my time that tell the truth each day, and live for the truth even if it hurts. I have also known some people who create a lie and live it so well that it destroys them forever. If you know someone who is telling the truth, compliment them on it and live the truth each and every day. Life is worth it.

Have an amazing night.

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The sun sets on another day..

Christmas closes in on us, circling like a silent predator, its true meaning lost in the technology driven miasma that seems to consume us all, a need, even an entitlement that would make Ebeneezer Scrooge pale at the thought of it. 

Sounds awful. In this time of year we should embrace joy and be thankful for the things in our life that have given us the richness we feel inside. That's right, feel. Not the things we touch each day or will touch someday, but the things we feel. We touch the car we drive each morning, but we feel the joy of driving. We touch the person next to us, but we feel the passion (or insert other feeling here) deep inside, we touch money, but we feel...well, bad example.

I had someone tell me once that they would stay in a situation of pain and frustration forever, because they knew they would have "stuff". I am sure he will be happy as he will not lose his precious money, but he will never know how great life could be until he lets that go.

Once upon a time I thought similar. I thought that money and stuff was a goal, then I lost most of what I had and found that it was transient. Although I appreciate the things in life, the most important things in life (As I see it) are passion, love, and trust.

Think about it for a while and maybe we will get to the same place. 

Enjoy the night, find passion, and trust in your love, or find love you know you trust...