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The sun sets on another day...

It is hard to believe that only a month ago the sunset was over 30 minutes later. Each day a little more daylight is stolen away by the ever impending advance of the seasons. Each day I am thankful for the day, but realize that it is a gift, not to be squandered and always to be cherished. There is so much to accomplish we cannot begin to cover it all, but we must all try, and try to ensure our days are the best they can be, even if we face adversity and especially when we face success and prosperity.

So as the sun sets on this day, another in a series of near limitless days in the existence of the world, and another in our plentiful bounty of days we must cherish lets take a moment and squeeze the life out of each day, make it ours, and love it within the depths of our ability, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, rest well, tomorrow is another day and we all will live it well....

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The sun sets on another day...

As we all watch the sunset together, we share a common bond, though we are different we can find common ground, similarity, and often find ourselves among fiends we did not know were friends, and find our way to truth in adversity.

I find my thoughts often going in circles when it comes to how diverse we are in life. There are so many times that we are pulled to people that are similar to us, and as many where we are pulled to people with differences. In my opinion and experience we grow as both exist. Personally I find I grow well when people think in a similar manner to me, those people I find that are outgoing, strong, and talkative help me see other methods of talking to people, other perspectives not hidden in the shadows. I find the opposite also helps. I have found that interacting with people that see more passive viewpoints lets me understand the perspective, and while I interact with those that have fear, I see how they react and can either try to help or at least let them know I understand. 

My point is, a series of like people do not make a pretty team. A good sunset is created by dozens of compounding factors that create a plethora of color variation and atmospheric anomalies that give us beauty. A series of people that see different perspectives can make us see the world in a much better way. Discounting any perspective leaves you vulnerable to that perspective, understanding does not mean agreeing, but it does mean expanding your view to see the whole picture and not just a part of it.

I have a friends that makes me think all the time. We talk of sometimes difficult items, and the discussions can get passionate but in the process we see a little of each others point of view, and gain understanding of a bigger picture together. Some may take a more singular view, but as with a sunset, saying the world can only happen one way ensures you do not understand the world, since there a million reasons for something to happen one way, and a single change can force a million other ways. It is rare to find something like the sunrise and sunset, that always happens, even if hidden in the clouds, or behind the mountain, it still happens, and we are a part of it, even though it is presented to us differently, every singe day.

So as the sun set s on another day, believe in who you are and your uniqueness, but know that together we are usually stronger, and we find a way to make things better, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, listen to people, and love all the time you can...



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The sun set son another day...

I remember being fascinated as a child with the sunsets I experienced, and always excited and amazed by the colors that could be created by the passing of the sun. As I slowly began going through a lot of things this week from times long past I found hundreds (more likely thousands) of pictures and, as would be expected, I have been taking pictures of sunsets since my 620 Brownie camera so many years ago. It becomes easily apparent that the shades of a sunset are perhaps as many as the 64 million many people are so excited about now, and perhaps even more colors are out there as no two sunsets are alike and no one can truly predict just how a sunset will be.

Like the sunsets, we are all unique as well, with colors inside each one of us that makes us the amazing person we are from day to day. Unlike the sunset, whether we are something wonderful, or something less, it is up to us and only we are responsible for our actions, how we react,  how we respond to others, how we love, and yes how we hate. The sunset has no such power, it is as random as random can be, but we can choose our own destiny, and either be nice to people, indifferent, or brutal depending on our true self.

So as the sun sets on another day, be happy in yourself, and realize you are unique and wonderful like a sunset, but where you go and who you become is truly up to you. I hope and pray you will be the person you wish to be and want to be and make a difference to the world, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and choose wisely but with passion with every decision you make!

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The sun sets on another day...

In a moment the sun passes between day and twilight, another moment passes us from twilight into the depths of night. Somewhere in the middle of night we find peace, calm, and tranquility. The waters quiet, and people sleep (sometimes) and in the end, we ready ourselves for the power and presence of another day.

It is in those moments that we find ourselves and see who we are, who we will be, and who we were. We contemplate the past, consider the present, and of course the future. As we glide forward in this thing called life we also find that the moments we have are more precious than any other, because they are our moments and make us whole. The moment with a special someone, with a child, with a beloved friend(s), or within the time we spend with anything that fulfills us, those moments are the moments that twirl around and find a way to take us to new heights, and new possibilities.

We are amazing, always amazing, and those people who truly find a way to love, unconditionally, find their way to sunset after sunset that truly makes them whole. This may seem like an off the wall post, but a true friend can be apart for great lengths of time, and take up the conversation you had so long ago as if it were a moment, a real love does not judge or want, but looks for the best and finds passion every moment of every day. We all watch the world turn, and see the sunsets dividing each day and bringing us towards new heights, new happiness, and new lives, each and every second. We even see moments inside of moments as we hold on to the happiness we have felt, and find the happiness we want to feel while experiencing it all now and forevermore.

Sounds different. Perhaps I am thoughtful because I have been blessed so heartily with good friends, and have seen the highest love has had to offer, and maybe the lowest as well. It really is not important as living for now sets us on a path to be more than we are, and towards the best we could be.

So as the sun sets on another day, enjoy the twilight, love the morning, the noon, and the night, and realize that somewhere there will always be more to reach for, but live the best there is now and in every now to come.

Sleep sweet, and make today the best day ever, everyday...