Hope for the flowers…

The sun sets on another day…

I have seen a lot of sunsets and I enjoy them everyone. I know that life is short but I know that life is fun. I live each moment for the next and the one after that, and when the time comes at the end I hope I’ve done just that.

There is a book I have talked about before called Hope for the Flowers. just a simple book filled with pleasant imagery and a series of wonderful ideas that we all could follow if we just took the time. in the book we follow two worms which are actually caterpillars. They’re trying to find their way and in the process learn a lot about themselves and about the world that they live in.

There are lots interwoven stories in this book but to me the biggest part is how anyone can continue to learn if they just have faith and trust. that in itself can be difficult but I know if we take the time we can find the resolve to trust and the power to have faith in who we are.

I’m good with that, are you?

so as the sun sets on another day take a moment and let’s read a fun book together and enjoy the day, no matter what.

sleep sweet, hope for the best, and make it a reality…

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