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The sun sets on another day....

Just a quick note today as I have passed 50k words in Adam: The Eternal Forever Book One.

I hope everyone has an amazing night, and enjoy your sunsets!

Sleep sweet, love life, and read lots of books...

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The sun sets on another day...'

Sunset was amazing and the world seemed to disappear just for a moment. It felt good!

I was considering how we are moving so fast and no one really knows who to interpret the immortal "pause" so I threw in a poem.

pauses and causes and pieces of time
no one can see past the sight of their rhyme.
pauses make shadows that creep in the light,
and pauses are terrors that hide in the night,
but causes of pauses are easily seen
if people see highlights and know what it means,
pauses are lessons it can be true,
but pauses aren't causes of lessons for sure,
the end of the day it is patience that cures

Just something to consider.

So as the sun sets on another day, do pauses mean the world is at an end. Have we become so lost in the midst of time that we forget that life is somewhat linear? Should we all step back for a moment and only reply at a few times a day to embrace our time and our lives. Be a person who lives life, enjoys life, and is not chained to a moment, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and live it...

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The sun sets on another day...

It is November and it feels like summer. The skies are sunny one moment, cloudy the next, but still it is warm and inviting, and deceptively comfortable as the days pass forward. 

Every moment of every day is a slice. We can't say today was good or bad, it is just a slice of the day that is good, bad, or a zillion other things coming down on us. Positives and negatives about, but they are all just slices of our day. When  I wrote my first book of poetry and short stories (Slices of a life) it was just that, a series of slices of day to day items that came together to mean something. I suppose that is what 29000sunsets is as well. A series of slices of life that are meant to amaze, inspire, bore, or a dozen other adjectives to describe the items I post daily. It is a slice of today, and a slice of a life.

Who cares, right?

Well, I care. Because every day we have a choice to focus on one slice or another, and the solution to being pretty happy is to focus on the positive slices. We can do that each and every day if we chose to. Think about it, and slice up your day to the best day it can be.

So as the sun sets on another day, the world is full of moments, and we can chose to slice it up as we want. Just make sure the slice you hold onto is one that will take you to a positive place, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love wildly, and enjoy your day....

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The sun sets on another day...

Sunset was, well, amazing is a good word to use, but it does not encompass the power and fire that I saw. Outstanding, well, every sunset is outstanding as it is a moment in the day that is more noticeable than the rest. Spectacular? Perhaps, but there are so many spectacular things each day to consider. Perhaps the word for sunset is uniquely wonderful. Yes, that fits. It was uniquely wonderful.

I was reading today and came across a quote that made me smile. "People with great passion can make the impossible happen". I smiled for a moment, got a tear in my eye, then smiled again. People with great passion. There are so many.  Passion is defined (I have done this before) as a near uncontrollable emotion. We have passion for a lot. I seem to have an over abundance. It is not a focus on relationships or sex like many people think, but instead on that feeling that you just want more, feel more, do more, than anyone else you know in an area. (Well, sometimes it is the same) I have found that passion is the spice of life. With passion we can find a way.

"But hey, you know passion isn't all, you have to know about whatever you are doing" and a hundred other excuses come up. Passion drives you to do more, be more, and achieve more. Passion finds a way by pushing you to learn, to know, or to do. It presses action and not passive reaction. In the end, passion can do nearly anything if it is possible. It is funny, about the only thing passion can't do is summed up by the genie in Aladdin. Maybe they built the rules from that movie. Passion cannot bring anyone back from the dead, nor can it make someone love you. I say that is funny because that is where a lot of people think passion is, in love, and it just doesn't do what people thought.

I have passion for a list of things longer than it should be. I have had passion for people, and sadly it was rarely returned. I have had passion for places, and those places became more to me as I pressed. Mostly I have passion for passion, I want more out of life so that when day 29000 rolls around for me I can honestly say I have lived my life to the fullest I could.

So as the sun sets on another day, great passion can do the impossible. Still it is up to us to be the vessel of that passion. It is up to us to define how that passion can grow, and it is up to us to nurture passion and be that person who presses further, who finds a way, who does not embrace "no", who is willing to march into hell for a heavenly cause, and who will be the friend that we always need, no matter what, and really mean it. Live for you passion and help others see how fantastic passion can be, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love deeply, and be more than you can imagine...