Welcome to 29000sunsets.com

I started 29000 sunsets to put down thoughts for my children and others that were interested. I am no sage, but sometimes have a unique view. As a technology professional and executive I traveled the world and enjoyed sunsets from all over, and in the process met many people with positive and exciting viewpoints about life, and sunsets.

The point started simply. If you knew you only had 29000 sunsets, only a bit over 79 years, and you were on 28999, what would you do different? Why aren’t you doing it today?

It later morphed into a 3 part statement. Do not whine about the past or pine about the future, instead define who you are each and every day. This lead to dozens of follow ups that are hidden somewhere in this new structure.

I hope this makes sense if you are new and reading, and I hope you see the world as I do, as a series of positive events with a few negatives that can easily be overcome. After all, even the worst negatives rarely last forever. Well, usually. At any rate, enjoy and enjoy the pictures. Usually they are mine but sometimes a few great people send pics, and I make sure they get credit!

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