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The sun sets on another day…

I was thinking today about little things. Lots of little things. Those trivial items that mean very little to most, but a lot to you. To me, in that case, there are a lot of things that may seem trivial, but mean a lot to me. From pictures to trinkets, the little things sometimes have a massive meaning associated with them. From small to large, sometimes the small is large, and vice versa. Why?

I am not sure about everyone. Some people feel that way, some do not. Some people are excited about little things, some are not. Some people have trinkets that mean something, some do not. It varies, more than a little. For me, I had very little, so little things meant a lot. As I grew up I found that I still had very little. The first big thing I ever got was a Mamiya MSX 500. I remember how proud I was to be getting it and excited I had saved my money. I bought it from Sears when I was 15, and it kept it perfect for some time. Another item was a puppet duck, my father had it when he had a store called "The Hucksters Trunk". I used the duck and made it look real to sell many of them in Metamora Indiana. After he died it was given to me and I enjoy it often.

There are other things. Cards from people, small gifts that mean something. Things from my father, the thing is each item has a story, and each item helped shape who I am. One of the more important things I have are books and movies. I will readily admit I have too many. thousands upon thousands, but each one I remember, and each one shaped an opinion, or helped me deal with a circumstance. In the last few years I have added hundreds of indie author books. These people took chances and made a difference to themselves and often to others. In the end, their hard work means something. At least I believe it does.

So as the sun sets on another day, look for the things that seem trivial, and realize they might not be so trivial after all, perhaps they are things that have defined you and made you a better person. My only suggestion is share them, tell the stories, make others understand so those things that were important to you live on forever, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, laugh hard, and play all you can...

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The sun sets on another day...

Well, it is closed. What? Well, a lot. There are things closed everywhere. Panic has taken the land. I have seen people fight for toilet paper. Toilet paper? We are lost in worry, in doubt, in less than that. It is all over us. Today could be the last, and here we sit, worried about toilet paper.

The good news is, it probably isn't the last day we will be here. The good news is we have a choice. We can succumb to the darkness or we can live life. We can be so concerned about tomorrow we work ourselves into a frothy mess, or we can enjoy right now. We can.

Funny two words, we can. Think about them for a moment and realize we can do anything if we want to, we can. We make the choice to do anything, and we make the choice to not do anything, it is our choice.

I can only suggest that you remember that today is a good day and you can measure yourself for today, and as you do so remember that if tomorrow comes, you will remember today. Make sure you had a good day, no matter what.

So as the sun sets on another day, I think I will enjoy the rest of my day because tomorrow may come, but I don't want to waste a single moment. Have a super evening and don't over buy the world. 

Sleep sweet, love life, and enjoy the eve...

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The sun sets on another day...

Sunset  tonight was overshadowed by good times with good friends. We missed one, but had a good time anyway, and enjoyed the moments we had together.

I had always been amazed at how older people seemed to always talk about ailments as I spoke philosophy and movies, and just plain excitement. Last night as we spoke I realized the conversation started off with just that. Upcoming surgeries and events, and things that normally I would not have seen.  As we conversed I laughed to myself and then said something, and we laughed and the conversation became as always, full of wonder, and excitement, and catching up about life. Perhaps as we get older those things become more important to us, and not necessarily the fun and excitement that really fills our days.

I enjoyed listening to a movie overview, and my eyes teared up as my friend explained it. We discussed more and more, and the brilliance of my friends came out, we only needed one more. Perhaps in this time of toilet paper wars and the inevitable search for cleaning supplies we should remember our friends, and remember they are there for us, to listen to the ails of the world, and to the philosophy that we hold so dear. Perhaps in this time of near panic, we should spend a little time and skip by what bothers us, and think about the good we have in life, after all, if tomorrow is our 29000 day, lets make today super!

So as the sun sets on another day, the day was awesome, and as all the chaos in the world pings us, make sure you know that the world is a better place today because you are in it. Believe it and live it, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love your paper goods, and remember to get toilet paper...

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The sun sets on another day...

As noted a few days ago I found an old handwritten composition book with numerous poetry excerpts in it. I am sharing a few along the way. Today's is not as upbeat as I normally write or is it?


The darkness falls deep inside my soul, the chill is real

I shiver in the cool embrace, not cold but feeling the edge

The depths of my heart are tested by the binding grasp

My mind awash in the edge of forevermore

I look out and see the spec of light, the light so small it barely shines

and as I reach the edge of dark, I know that without darkness I cannot know the light

So as the sun sets on another day, perhaps we need the darkness to know the light. Perhaps we need a broken heart to know how to feel, pain to know happiness and more. I know it is a strange thought, but if you think about it, if the light is always on how would we know? Live life every day to its fullest, take chances, laugh, love, and mostly live, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love often, and laugh even more...