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The sun sets on another day…

Sunset was again amazing. I'm always fascinated by the sunset and how the diverse the sun sets can be.

have you ever been watching something and just gotten fascinated with the interactions? I usually dislike reality shows because even though they're supposed to be real they seem staged and often get a little bit silly over or the top. This normally isn't a very big deal because I just don't watch but I find myself drawn to some dumb shows like storage wars we're at least it seems like there are some real people in the mix.

In the middle of that show there is a crazy guy who always tries to irritate everyone else. Often he bids just for the sake of annoying people and often he wins because he is quite tenacious. The reason I laugh about this is because tenacity usually ends up winning. Sure the guy is annoying but in the end his approach allows no quarter and eventually overcomes all obstacles.

So why aren't we all this tenacious? Why ever back down? I had this discussion with several people recently for no good reason, but I pointed out that in collaboration both sides always lose. I know it's strange, but the essence of collaboration is for both sides to give and in the process for both sides to win something. Still no one gets what they originally wanted in either collaboration or compromise unless they misstated their original position to begin with.

Hence my laughing. With some of the background it is often obvious that the character is manipulating others for random reasons and in the process causing massive issues or winning his points by default.

Maybe we can learn something from this reality show. Maybe the thing to learn is not to back down and to be passionate at all times about how we approach the world. I know that's a lot more than you'd expect out of a reality show but maybe, just maybe it'll be fun to try.

So as the sun sets on another day, life isn't meant to be lived halfway it's meant to be all we can make it. Let's push the envelope and make it the best we possibly can, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and carry on...


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The sun sets on another day…

On this beautiful and amazing day I just want to say “So there”.

Today is beautiful and fantastic, “So there”.

You are fantastic and amazing, “So there.”

It's a great day to be alive, “So there.”

The world will give you exactly what you put into it “So there”

I believe in you even though we may not have met “So there”

It feels wonderful outside warm or cold “So there”

I'm happy because I choose to be “So there”

If you think about it it's kind of funny just to be able to align and state that everything is actually pretty good and maybe a little more. Maybe life is just always all that and a bag of chips.

So as the sun sets on another day  enjoy all you can and let's have a great time every day, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, so there…

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The sun sets on another day…

Sunset was spectacular again. You would think I like sunsets or something. You might be right.

for a while now I have been taking fewer pictures of the sunset and fewer pictures in general. I had decided that writing was more important then taking pictures but I have come to the realization that I need the balance in my creative passions as well as many of my other passions.

Years ago I took a series of tests in school to determine strange things like IQ, the left right dominance, audiovisual dominance, and quite a few more. I will probably never have access to all of this information again . I found it was not part of my school record and the programs I was a part of no longer exist.  Still one of the things I learned was that the way I think is both audio and visual and left and right dominant. I'm kind of in the center of things. As such my passions are both realistic and artistic and I see the Art in math and math in art for example. I should have already known but I need to be taking pictures as much as I should be writing as much as I should be inventing as much as I should be doing random equations and reading and more and more. I had set aside how I know my brain thinks.

How about you? how are you doing on a daily basis with your goals and ideas? are you making the best of what you need and perhaps a little more? are you being happy? it's an easy question we all just need to answer it and know who we are to find our way.

so as the sun sets on another day find your way and look inside a lot. I think you'll find someone fantastic. Enjoy the sunset and enjoy your night no matter what.

Sleep sweet, enjoy life, and have a cookie…

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The sun sets on another day…

I have seen a lot of sunsets and I enjoy them everyone. I know that life is short but I know that life is fun. I live each moment for the next and the one after that, and when the time comes at the end I hope I've done just that.

There is a book I have talked about before called Hope for the Flowers. just a simple book filled with pleasant imagery and a series of wonderful ideas that we all could follow if we just took the time. in the book we follow two worms which are actually caterpillars. They're trying to find their way and in the process learn a lot about themselves and about the world that they live in.

There are lots interwoven stories in this book but to me the biggest part is how anyone can continue to learn if they just have faith and trust. that in itself can be difficult but I know if we take the time we can find the resolve to trust and the power to have faith in who we are.

I'm good with that, are you?

so as the sun sets on another day take a moment and let's read a fun book together and enjoy the day, no matter what.

sleep sweet, hope for the best, and make it a reality…