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As the sun sets on another day, the question of the day is "Who is in control anyway?" 

As mortals (humans, all that stuff) we are a blip on the radar or less, as we barely even live before we are gone. In the life of the sun we are not even a thought, in the life of God, we are a fraction of a moment. So as we go down the path and consider our sunrises, and sunsets, we have to consider who is in control. So many people think they have it figured out (I am not one of them) and put their trust in their interpretation of control, but many do not see the signs painted right before them.

Consider the old joke about the man who puts his faith in God:

A flood is coming and first a policeman comes to his door. "A flood is coming, you need to come with me" 

"No", the man says, "I have faith that God will save me"

A short time later the area  is flooded to his doorstep and a man comes up in a rowboat and yells, "A flood is coming, you need to come with me"

"No", the man says, "I have faith that God will save me"

As the water rose to his roof the man get to the top of his house, and a helicopter comes. The pilot yells, "A flood is coming, you need to come with me".

"No", the man says, "I have faith that God will save me"

And so the man drowns. 

At the gates of heaven he looks to the lord and asks, "why didn't you save me". The lord softly replies, "I sent a police car, a boat and a helicopter, what else did you have me do?"

Sometimes the path we are given is a path that is not the one we choose. Sometimes it is. Look for the path that ensures your happiness so that one day when you stand before God you can say, "Thank you, you made my life worthwhile and happy and I showed the world how great your love is!"


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It is unfortunate in life that you often do not know what is real and what is not. As I took pictures tonight I was talking to a friend about it and we were musing how different photography has become as we have grown up with it. What once was a major ordeal in a darkroom has become a computerized quickie that can change the world as we view it. Take tonight's sunset, we see the photo above that is real as I took it through the lens, and it is very similar to what I saw. With a little magic it can become this:

The question can become "which is real?". This is true in life as well, as we want to believe in the truth, but often it is just a version of the truth. Remember, the truth does come out, and we should live our truth, each and every day. Live for love, live for happiness, and it will spread all around us, each day, and the world will be a better place for us being here. As the sun sets on another day, the darkness falls, but I know tomorrow it will rise again, with hope and happiness and a possibility of the fairy tale. (We do deserve that you know)

Sleep sweet, enjoy the moon, and the stars beyond.....

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As the sun sets on another day I ponder my love for my daughters. For hours I talked to my daughters today. It is a unique experience talking to a daughter when you are a dad (or mom I suppose). Where the natural instinct with a son is to protect and accept, the natural instinct with a daughter is to protect and protect. I suppose I have always been a protector anyway, as I have a few stories that made me this way, but I cannot imagine a life where a daughter, or a woman for that matter, is not protected and on a pedestal. There are a lot of parents that love their sons to no end and make them into the men they should be, with patient respect and honor for everyone they come into contact with. My Grandfather taught me that no woman ever deserved to be mistreated, at all, period, end of story, done. He stated simply that the man should always be the protector and the joy in his wife's life, and as such, his wife should be the joy in his life. There was no compromise based on what I was taught, it was a two way street. (Wouldn't that be a perfect world?) I was told that a man who mistreated his wife in any way, did not deserve that wife. This has gotten me into a bit of trouble before as I have seen men mistreat their wives in public (Or women in general) and stepped in. (I pause here for any foolish man who states "I would kick his bottom etc etc etc") I did so without pause as sometimes injustice needs a champion. 

The point is, a daughters love is precious, and no matter what, the endgame should be a daughters happiness. Ask most any real father of any daughter if it is OK for ANY woman to be mistreated, and he will spurn the idea. Ask most any father how a daughter should be treated and he will say with respect, and passion, and love. Recently I spoke to someone about a man who had this, he was older and loved his wife with all his heart, and his wife loved him back. The stories I was told were of a man who did not compromise on his love, and who accepted a daughter who was troubled, no matter what. His love for his wife, translated to an overwhelming love for his daughter, who he would accept and protect, to his final days.

for me, I hope I can show my daughters how love should be, and how men should treat women. I hope I can show my son the way to be patient and treat a woman correctly, always. I hope that men who verbally or physically abuse women wake one morning and realize the damage they have done to both women and to themselves. I hope men can teach their sons that their mother be held on a pedestal. Mostly I hope that women who are mistreated teach their son's that happiness is more important than pretense, and love more important that status, and sometimes life throws you a curve-ball, and you have to walk. After all, when the sun rises tomorrow, I hope it is full of truth, love, and the power to move life to a new level, and shed the negatives that hold us down. 

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It's Halloween!

And as the sun sets on today be thankful for your children and all that they are because of you. Bless them daily with your praise, guide them to the right choices, and show them you make right choices for yourself so they will make good choices for themselves. Show them love every day you can, and let them know it is always ok to love, and cry (even if they are boys) and laugh, and love some more. Show your children that sweets are good, and sweet people are better. Teach them to give to others, and understand when the world takes from them. There is no real tomorrow, except when the sun rises, after it sets again tonight, and makes us realize we have to love to be able to love.