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The sun sets on another day...

I was amazed by sunset and the variety of colors it bathed on me as I watched from the beach. I smiled, I laughed and I enjoyed it then drove away so I could write some more.

Today I passed 30,000 words on Silent Sister. One person is reading and I think they are enjoying the book as I add more action, more mystery, more twists, romance, turns and a lot of fun. I will write a full post tomorrow, but I am a focused right now and making progress. I hope you are there with me when I press this book to a faster completion than many others.

So as the sun sets on another day, enjoy your night. Enjoy your day, and laugh a little at the world, mostly because it deserves it!

Sleep sweet, smile bright, and believe in magic every day...

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The sun sets on another day...

Sunset was, well, super. The clouds played just perfectly with the setting orb making the world a spectacular light show for only a moment or two. It was enough. Soon after it was night.

As I drove and the skies went through their nightly transitions I thought for a while about transitions. 

The idea of night to day and day to night is easy. It is apparent and evident as it happens. A lot of transitions happen so slowly we do not see them. Age comes to mind as I still see myself at 18, and when I look in the mirror sometimes I feel more like 188. Well, maybe 187. Where did this transition happen that took away my youth or masked it under layers of oldish skin Have I transitioned at all since I still feel 18? Will there be more time for time?

It is a good question. I know some of my readers are young, and some not so young, but as I sit here thinking about it all for a moment, is that transition even important? I am still me, right?

How about you? Have you gone through any transitions you seem to have missed? A few week period that seemed to fly by? A school year that evaporated into the ether. (The ether bunny might be there) Something else?

All I can say is its ok. Yes, OK to see these transitions or miss them. I like to think I was so busy having fun the world just passed around me. Perhaps it is why I feel so young inside. Perhaps it is why I still play, and laugh and love with all that I am.

So as the sun sets on another day, wow it got dark quick. I hope you saw it coming and turned on the lights. While you are there, enjoy your time and every moment, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, enjoy the sunset, then watch the stars...

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The sun sets on another day...

Each morning as I wake I stretch and come to life then take a walk along the edges up some of my property. This morning after a long night what I walked into was about 4 inch of fresh snow. Yes I know this isn't exactly about sunset but as I walk I looked down and saw a variety of tracks crossing the otherwise pristine blanket of white.

In front of me were the pretty-much undeniable tracks I'm several turkey. Either that or I have a giant velociraptor living somewhere. I studied the tracks for a moment and noted swishes of some part dragging across the deeper track. Walking further I found deer track. Because some of the property is covered in sand I see deer track during the summer and spring and fall almost everyday only to be covered by any disturbance of the wind or a dozen another things. 

As I walked deeper where I could see house nor road no longer I came across thin tracks scatter around the snow. I studied for a moment and realized there were at least three coyotes. These tracks did not follow any particular order nor were they as orderly as the other tracks

I stopped for a moment and consider. The turkey tracks were very linear going from one place to another with only occasional breaks and stops probably to look for something in the snow and try to find something to eat.

The deer tracks were far more heavily spaced perhaps because the deer were running through the area knowing where they were going but plowing over everything in between to avoid any potential predators. 

The coyote tracks we're all on top of each other with circles upon circles as the coyotes attempted to find prey or scavenge something new. Of the three the coyotes had no apparent direction where the other two seemed as though they were going somewhere. 

Now I know that seeming is believing for so many people. I know that a lot of people will see themselves as the turkey knowing where they are going at forging forward to get there. Others will see themselves as the deer with an idea of where they're going but pushing through as quickly as possible to avoid any risk. 

I like to think that the coyote had the right idea. Potentially knowing where they're going but not really advertising it and looking everywhere along the way for an opportunity leaving no stone unturned. 

Who are you? Are you the turkey, and no I'm not insulting you, the turkey knows where it's going and will press on to get there. Are you the deer that knows where it's going and will bypass the world get there? Or are you the coyote looking for every possible scrap of life and maybe knowing where you're going but living as though getting there was not all that important?

I know I know a long post that didn't really say much or did it? At some point you will decide. Maybe not with my simple analogy but maybe with an eagle or a cougar or a bear but at some point you will know who you are and how you are getting there. 

So as the sun sets on another day I think I will just enjoy the day and see where it goes. Not that I am a coyote or will be ordering anything from Acme anytime soon but instead that in my opinion life is about enjoying the journey and making each day the best it can be.

Sleep sweet, love life, and live it...

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The sun sets on another day...

There's a weird title. I drove in a blizzard of snow and ice, slowly making my way home.

As I drove I was happy knowing I had hit 20k words and passed it easily for Silent Sister, losing myself in the story and the moments.

The world is a better place when I am writing, it makes me smile. Now, to write and find that cover I need to start building the book.

So as the sun sets on another day, writing is fun. I enjoy it and weaving the stories coming from somewhere in my mind. I hope you enjoy them, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, write, and read even more...