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The sun sets on another day...

I considered a lot of ways to title this. I have written about similar before here. (I looked at it and that was over 4 years ago! eeek!)

I think I have gotten more verbose over the years, which I just proved by saying verbose. As I took a walk with the dogs today I looked out over the trees and got lost in the moment. The Chicadees were singing, the trees slowly swayed in the wind, some of them creaked faintly as the moved. The ferns, long dead, waved in the slight sunlight, and the melting snow puddled up on leaves, on branches, and in puddles in the drive. I finally said "ahh" as I looked and realized we all need to look a little harder. 

I can still remember as a child going out in the snow, bundled up and frustrated that I was in mittens and could not pick up anything, and just looking at the snow. I did that today for a while as the sun peeked out, and just watched the sparkle of the snow for a few minutes. Then I walked on and of course Luna wanted to play Frisbee.

At this point you may think I am a little crazy for stopping, but as I did it just felt good to center. As I did, I just enjoyed the moments a little, and I smiled. Not because of anything more than noticing things many people tend to overlook. There I was, in the moment, wondering what would happen next, but nothing did, and it was great! All I am suggesting is that maybe we should see the world through a child's eyes, with innocent curiosity instead of loosing ourselves to just how busy we are all the time.

Perhaps a part of this was sparked from a script I found in older files I had written for a short story called "The Chair". I never filed the story, nor did I publish it, but suffice it to say the story highlights how the world can be different in a child's eyes.

So as the sun sets on another day, make a wish, dream a dream, and make it a dream where you notice the little things. A dream where maybe there are no little things and in the end, maybe the world will seem amazing all the time, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and laugh a lot...


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The sun sets on another day...

I am sitting here thinking again. A dangerous past time, I know. (No I will not break into song now)

I have been going through box after box of things I have collected over the years. I am less than a hoarder, but more than a simply collector. My constantly being awake has fostered many hobbies, and many things to challenge my mind. Of unique interest to me is the thousands of books I have been going through, a headache in looking at them simply because as I look at the title the entire book flashes through my minds eye. It is possible I have too many books, but maybe not. I enjoy rereading some books and enjoy the quotes from some as reference. I have found books open your mind, and teach you even when you don't want to be taught. 

One of my favorite books was "The GodWhale" by TJ Bass. I was fascinated with the idea of a modern man being thrust into a future he could barely understand, and a world so overpopulated that they "literally eat each other" for calories. As I sift through hundreds of volumes I am amazed at the diversity and at the ever growing number of new authors, independents that have written a work of their soul as I have to try to entertain.

Indie authors are quite amazing. Some write for the joy or writing, some write for the joy of using big words, some write to entertain, and some write for themselves with no thought of their audience. I am fascinated by them all and continue to try to write for others to entertain on my own. I am told by many I succeed. 

So as the sun sets on another day, hmm, I hope I continue to be nearly obsessed with reading. (Perhaps I am obsessed). Every day is an opportunity to read and to write, and every day is probably and adventure, but possibly a little more. Enjoy a book with me, laugh with me, and in the end, be happy no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and don't fall asleep until the end of a chapter...

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The sun sets on another day...

It was cold and wet and the snow hung on the ground. Winter tried to come and poked out for only a moment, now it is calm.

I was thinking about dust and the winds today. It was a slow day with worries about weather, but I was more interested in considering how we fit in the global idea of life. Life is a series of interactions between complex organisms, and as we look at the sunset each night do you ever ask where you fit in? Do you ever wonder how your present compares to the world? Does it really matter?

I have interacted with a lot of people who gauge themselves based on the world. the advent of social media has made this far worse. How can you gauge yourself against 100 or a 1000? Can you? It is a tough question. Maybe in the end all we are is a mote of dust in the wind, but we can be a happy mote, right? I suggest we forget the wind, forget the dust, and be ourselves and live to our fullest each day. Only then can we say we are good, not compared to anyone else, but compared to just us.

So as the sun sets on another day, I like the word mote. I know, silly. I do though and I challenge everyone to find a place in their hearts for themselves, to compete only with themselves, and to be judged by no one, including themselves. Sounds fun? Well make it happen and start enjoying your life, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love deeply, and laugh heartily each day...


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The sun sets on another day...

Thanks to some fun people in my past I think about boxes from time to time. As I sort through a series of boxes right now, I thought about how people uses boxes to make their lives definable.

One person I knew put everyone in boxes. Friends, relatives, enemies, enema's, everything had its place. In the end (it is an enema joke) those boxes were treated with predefined rules and predefined assumptions and as that person interacted with people everything went according to plan. Unfortunately, people like me, or maybe it is just me, don't fit in boxes. As such, the boxes were out the window, and the world just wasn't clear.

I would like to think that no one should be in a box. I would like to think we are all unpredictable and unique, but eventually, I was put in a box, set on a shelf and eliminated. I wonder what the box said. Perhaps unboxable.

Funny? Yep.

My point is, and there is a point, that if you put people in boxes, maybe you should look a little closer. Maybe there are an unlimited number of boxes to go with the unlimited number of people out there. Maybe every person is as unique as you are and should be reveled and celebrated. If you let someone put you in a box, maybe it is time to take a walk, and realize you are better than a box, or maybe better than 2, which would be a pair-of-box. you are special, don't let someone box you up.

So as the sun sets on another day I walk towards the sunset with tattered boxes hanging from my shoulders, and a life full of uniqueness. Every day I will and have be as unique as I can, and every day I will live, laugh, love, and spread passion, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and think outside the box...