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The sun sets on another day...

I sit amazed as the sun sets over a park I know. Before me lay the flag and sunset, Before me lay the past, present, and future.

I am always interested in how life unfolds. Both good and bad the journey shows a story that can only be told by, well, reality. Reality si a super thing, mostly because it is real but also because it is totally unpredictable, and always a learning experience. Today there is a dream, then another fire, and a way to grow with it. What I am trying to say is if we take the world as a teacher and not just a situation we will find that it is far more enjoyable, and actually very enlightening. If we take the world as it is, in my opinion we will just be doomed to not enjoy it as much as we could.

True, there are some bad things, but there are good, but both can teach us more if we just let them, both can open doors, and both can show us a path.

Funny huh? The bad is as good as the good, and the good can be bad if we don't have the bad to show us the good. Anyway, it is enough to just consider it, and all the possibilities we have each day.

So as the sun sets on another day, a passion flows and a passion grows and we all feel strong desires, but we need to hold on and we need to be strong and we always face our fire. My opinion, and have an awesome night, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and feel the burn...


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The sun sets on another day...

I wrote about similar here.

Sunset was amazing, as always. Sunset made me smile, and I was at peace for a moment.

As you may know I like to write. I have an opportunity to get a great deal of writing done this weekend and I hope to put it to good use. My soul, or spirit is full of energy, and I want to express it as clearly as I can, so I will write. It is in that series of thoughts I find a great deal of my spirit, I have talked to people before and they have explained how they write or are inspired. For me it seems to be different (Though I am sure there are others) in that I am there in the writing not just expressing a story, but letting loose a part of myself. 

In my characters I see those people I have been or who have been around me, and in the settings the places I have seen or have dreamed of in the depth of the night. I am there, stuck between love and life and passion and a lot more, reaching for something, then putting it on paper (Or in this case on the ether). It is no accident that my powerful writing comes from great passion or great pain, but sometimes even better comes in the mundane moments I am searching for truth, for answers, and maybe a little more.

Overt the last several weeks I have written several short stories, inspired by a time, a place, or a special person, or even a request, these stories stand out as a journey into passion, and a movement to enlighten. Who will they enlighten? Maybe nobody, but maybe somewhere inside they enlighten me and let me play out situations that were beyond my control, or express dreams that were on the edge of a dream. In the end, stories like "Prices Slashed" seem like a terrifying vision of our future, but it is not so different than our today. Stories like "Protect his Heart" may seem violent, but no less violent than a man or woman scorned. Over the next few days I will set some of these stories aside, and finish a book or two as I go. As I do I will invite many of you to see a little more and perhaps see something that means something. At the very least you may enjoy yourself. At least I hope you will.

So as the sun sets on another day, we carry our spirits, wild and free, and as we do perhaps we can find a way to learn from each other, from our lives, and from the deep feelings we have daily. Embrace them for they guide us to more. Find a way to see beyond the pain or passion, and in that, grow as you can, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and keep on growing....



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The sun sets on another day,

I get a kick out of moments. Sunset was a striking moment tonight, but it was not the only moment of the day.

There are a lot of moments of clarity in any day, and in those moments we find a series of positives we can build on and make our life grow. Sure, there is the guy who cut you off in traffic, but I bet there were people who let you in as well. The item that you were out of when you thought you needed it, but there were others that were there. For everything bad there is usually a good. Even the horrible may have a silver lining if you just look, just try, and push yourself to see a little more. That is the key, seeing past the negative and finding the clear moments that can really guide you.

There have been a lot of difficult times in my life. Times when I was down and nearly lost. When life hands you a massive lemon that weighs 22 tons, it is hard to make lemonade. Still, I focused on little things and clear moments. I built on those clear moments, and pretty soon the lemon was not as big as I thought, or I just let it be, and found a new path. In your clear moments that is an option, a clear new path. Think about it, well, for just a minute, and enjoy some lemonade.

So as the sun sets on another day, I have said before we are often on a hill looking at several paths before us. Realize the clear moments are there to help guide you, and find a way to be happy each day, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and lemonade is a cool refreshing drink...

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The sun sets on another day...

Tonight's sunset was fantastic, if you were a duck. Storms rolled in, and I enjoyed every minute of it.

There are few days I do not think of an old movie where I remember "Courage of the heart is very rare". Not because the movie was amazing, but because it was right, courage of the heart is very rare. 

This evening as I sat in a restaurant outside (Yes, we were socially distant) I watched a group of women talking over and over. They were older than me, which means antique but not ancient, but they were in their own attention starved world enjoying each other. One woman had a sweated on the back of her chair, and because the chairs were rounded it fell off. A young lady (Perhaps no more than 25 or so) patiently put the sweater back on her chair several times and it made me smile. You may ask why, well it is easy. She did this for no other reason than to be nice while the person receiving the benefit was oblivious.

What makes some people crave attention for doing the right thing and others so prepared to commit quiet acts of kindness? What makes some people so engaged to make things right, while others bring people down. I know, a lot will say upbringing. It may well be true. Many will say environment, different than upbringing, and it may be true as well. How about lineage? Yep, that is possible as well. In my opinion there is something else. I am not 100% sure what it is, but maybe a DNA sequence that just says, "do it right" for you and no one else.

I sat and watched and was reminded of my fathers idea of "The Solomon Group" where people did acts of kindness and the rule was, no one could know. I smiled to myself, went to the server, and paid the bill for the girl and her friend and told them not to say who or why (No, I don't want praise here or anything I am just making a point) so that maybe they would feel good for doing positive things, perhaps they would just know that good things come to those who are good. At minimum, they would smile to themselves that night, and as they left they laughed and were happy. A gift in itself.

So as the sun sets on another day, we all have a choice daily on how we can be, so lets be as good as we can be, or even do be do be do if we want to, but somewhere along the way, if you do good do good for others because it is the right thing to do and nothing else. Do good for you as well, and maybe someday we will figure out what makes good and bad people and put it in a bottle. I hope the world find a way to be a better place, and I hope I am around to see it, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and enjoy the night...